Hunting RM30, 000 in Lake Kenyir

Minister of General (four from right), to submit contributions to the program Boat On The Road in 2010 to Bill in LTSM, Kuala Terengganu, last Sunday. Also present were (from left), Toh, Za'abar and Mazlan and Kamal (right).
Rake RM10, 000 for winning a fishing program 'Boat on The Road' in Lake Kenyir, Terengganu on May 7 to 9 is multiplied by the offer of RM20, 000 from the State Government to the participants who received the dragon fish (Arapaima gigas).
The three-day program organized by TV3 and The Star Rods Unit in collaboration with the State Government to help promote sport fishing in the lake as well as various new tourism products there.
For the success of such programs, the Chief Minister, Datuk Ahmad Said, deliver donations of RM150, 000 to finance the cost of penganjurannya the Executive Director News and Editorial Operations Media Prima, Datuk Ahmad A Talib, the Sultan Mahmud Airport (LTSM) here. The state government earlier offered RM10, 000 to the angler who managed to raise the fish from the Amazon is said to be released into Lake Kenyir, to avoid the propagation and the threat to local fish species.
"Any one who has the dragon fish receiving RM10, 000 and in conjunction with this program gift increased to RM20, 000," he said.
Also present at the press conference that the State Secretary, Datuk Mazlan Ngah, Chairman of the Committee of Industry, Trade and Environment states, Toh Chin Yaw, Chairman of the Committee of Tourism, Culture, Arts and Heritage states Za'abar Datuk Mohd Adib, Author and Editor Tongue Berita Harian, Kamal Ahmad.
Ahmad said the fishing program is scheduled to be held on the River Mandak, Tasik Kenyir and enforce the concept of catch and release. Target species is toman fish and other opportunities to obtain kalui sebarau, Baung, and Tapah. Meanwhile, Ahmad said, the program is expected to involve 150 to 200 participants take 50 four-wheel drive vehicle (4x4) doing convoy of Sri Pentas, Kuala Lumpur to Tasik Kenyir at 8 am, May 7 through Kemaman and Dungun before entering the road shortcut to Bukit Besi and direction we have to Tasik Kenyir.
Program 'Boat On The Road' was organized in conjunction with the release slot Rods TV3 Tour scheduled to air mid-May.
"TV3 and Berita Harian are pleased that leaders such as Datuk Ahmad Said willing to participate in this convoy and led the expedition. We are very proud of the willingness to cooperate with government and contribute to the success of this program.
"We are confident this program will help promote Tasik Kenyir, Terengganu Government and the City as a very attractive fishing destination in the country," he said.
In related developments, Ahmad told each participant to enjoy a RM250 fee packages at resort hotels, dinners and gifts. Participants also enjoyed dinner at seven times the boat is equipped with most satellite television.
"This program not only fish but enjoy the travel and meals are quite exciting," he said. For more information: 013-3310166 (Umbai) / 019-3419991 (Kamal).


Squid Jigging fishing season and come again. The legs and feet pencandat squid fishing! it is time for you to come down to the sea to carry out this exciting. Squid Jigging season again this year with results that will satisfy. Squid Jigging Let's go over the coastal waters are rich in fishery resources and sea products.

Fact candat squid.

Time-to: the MACH month - July

Place: waters

Types of squid: squid ketupat, squid needle, mengabang squid, cuttlefish torok, cumit-cumit,

Type candat: candat Twist, candat bamboo, candat dead, fish bait, bait shrimp

Candat large squid and fresh can dicandat in local waters this season. Do not miss the opportunity.

With the cooperation of the local Fishermen's Association, we can help you to book a boat and related equipment to get Squid Jigging. With the comfort and security boats meet safety regulations and register with the local Fishermen's Association, the boat fare and reservation is dependent on the size of the boat and engine types used.

Reservations are subject to the reservations and also depending on availability. For further information contact 012-9488958.

A Squid Jigging trip depends on the location candat. depending on the fuel used for the location and wage Tekong. Normally, expenses for a trip is RM 550.00 to RM 700.00. However this depends on the negotiations with the boat owner.

According to the present observation of catch per boat is estimated to be about 50-70 kilograms of squid. This depends on the skills pencandat.

50 4x4 Vehicle Convoy To Kenyir

Tasik Kenyir chosen location in the 'Boat On The Road' Tour in conjunction with the promotion slot Rods TV3 involving 13 episodes starting May 16, said Executive Director of Editorial Operations News and Media Prima Berhad, Datuk Ahmad A Talib.

He said, supported by the State Government as Minister of Magnitude, Datuk Ahmad Said, ready to work with the NST and TV3 help intensify tourism promotion in the lake was the largest human-Asian.

"Tasik Kenyir is known to toman, sebarau and complain than Baung. Anglers will also excited to join this program because the package offered is very menariki, "he said when presiding Rods Team about the program at the Center News, Tuesday. Ahmad said the program at 7 to 9 May. Organizers target 50 four-wheel drive vehicle (4x4) with 200 participants joined the convoy of the Sri Pentas to Lake Kenyir right at 8 am on May 7 (Friday) and is expected to arrive at Base Gawi, Tasik Kenyir about 5 pm.

Anglers who wish to participate in the program must have a 4x4 vehicle and each team must contain at least two participants and a maximum of four participants. They must bring their own boat and carried in the vehicle during convoy.

Each participant charged RM250 to enjoy the package fee, food and drink, boat house facilities, T-shirts, hats and certificates.

The program is to enforce the concept of catch and release. This means that all arrests made will be released immediately after the secretariat weighed by the competition. The program expires on May 9 (Sunday), about 4.30 pm.
Organizers also hosted a fishing tournament on the cliff base to engage the local population Gawi enliven the program. Each entry will be charged RM10 and expedition participants is free. A total of RM3, 000 is offered for this event.

Anglers interested in participating in the program Boat On The Road requested the secretariat to register by calling 03-22822323 or 013-3310166 extension 4241 (Umbai) and 016-6359023 (Osman).

Tasik Kenyir Gesture Visitors

Anglers will change the perception of heaven

HULU TERENGGANU: Tourism facilities in Tasik Kenyir be upgraded in order to attract more domestic tourists, especially families who take holidays in the largest man-made lake in Southeast Asia, said the Ajil State Assemblyman, Datuk Rosol Wahid.

He said this when Lake Kenyir is known as 'Paradise anglers' view of the rich variety of fish species and only visited the anglers who want a fun fight to defeat or sebarau toman fish.

"We try to change the public perception of the Lake Kenyir. As a first step the state government through the Central Terengganu Development Authority (KETENGAH) is developing a Bird Park, Butterfly Park and various water sports that could be identified included all ages of visitors.

"At the same time we are also repairing some facilities such as camp sites to enable the public to bring their families camped in the woods. Trails as well as to facilitate the public to enjoy the scenery and move to recognize flora and fauna found in the lake, "he said participated in the Tasik Kenyir Xplorasi Media in 2010, recently.

Tasik Kenyir is the formation yield of about 340 small islands, which also includes 14 waterfalls, river and stream waters. In the forest there are over 8,000 species of flowers, about 2.500 of trees and plants, 800 species of orchids and 300 fungi and mushrooms.

Tasik Kenyir is also inhabit the island is over 1,000 species of butterflies, small seranggang, 370 species of birds such as hornbills, eagles, doves, merbuk, pigeon, Tiong and others. Similarly, there are sanctuaries of elephants, tigers, bears, deer, mouse, leopards and snakes that can be visited by the public.

While two of the caves and Faithful Bewah developed KETENGAH now entered the public to see a closer look into the incident and stalagmait stalaktait therein.

Rosol said, is very detrimental to the visitors who come to Lake Kenyir to fish alone, but they can be closer look

"With the cooperation of the Department of Wildlife (wildlife), a number of sanctuaries established and most famous charge at River Worm. In these sanctuaries, visitors can bathing Manda and hold the king of freshwater fish is, however, the public are advised not to harm fish, "he said.

He said the base Gawi the main entrance to the Kenyir Lake has held a variety of interesting activities on an annual basis to enable travelers from within and outside the country come here.

"These challenges Kenyir International Bicycle Hill, Kenyir Lake International Triathlon Championships, the International Competition Kenyir Motocross and Cycling GATEH XPDC. Similarly, the international fishing competition that saw entries from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China recently.

"In addition, we will try to introduce some new water sports to ensure that the Lake Kenyir further noted that various activities. It indirectly Kenyir Lake as the location of choice Aqua-Eco-tourism in the region, "he said.

Rosol said the presence of visitors is expected to spill into Lake Kenyir it will also be enjoyed by the Hulu Terengganu particular direction we are a tourist boat operator, to trade food and drinks and souvenirs.


BOY charge weighing 2kg gain in Lubuk Beard.

JERANTUT : Mission fishing complain of red (Tor tambroides) in Lubuk Janggut in a river that confidentiality be deemed successful when a few birds that successfully domesticated species to the banks.

Adhere to the adage 'where there is water there is fish, Team Redah - Boy, Mael, Acik, Zul, Dollah, Amin Kamil and an interpreter as the navigation target hole after vigorous bike riding difficult journey before trekking routes in the desert. Route starting from Felda Selancar and took seven hours.

Tired of walking through the forest until the late afternoon, finally arrived at the destination pool. Boy was appointed as the head of the 'engineer' a place to erect tents and cook for four three-day expedition that night. After all finished, they break to restore energy to a great next day activities. As early as 6:30 am, rushed to install Mael crickets for bait fishing techniques of policy. This is then followed Acik, Zul, Dollah, and Amin Kamil. Boy is like mengilat technique after seeing the strike sebarau upstream Lubuk Janggut, located near the tent.

Could not mencucuh a cigarette, medium action rod bent Mael's gross property boom followed Acik. The two friends took their places to compete with caution because the string concerned initially bought 15 pounds dropped again.

The battle occurred about 10 minutes in the depth of the pool water depth of about 3 meters. A complaint and fish Baung each weighing 2 kilograms (kg) successfully promoted. Mael jumped for joy in his first license charge.

Boy who has mengilat to upstream Lubuk Janggut not disappointed when sebarau about 2 kg willing to hit the orange gewang his shallow dive. Fishing activity continued until late afternoon, and some pieces were lost charge. The next day, feeling excited seven technical sessions fishing companion to the thickened base after good results in the previous day.

This time, they split into three groups each to Lubuk Dead Wood, Lubuk tail Murai and Lubuk Ants are believed to be a lot of live fish Lubuk charge against Beard. Strategy is to be successful when their tails get some of the charge which was later released back into its original habitat.
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Joran Introduces Social Chat Site Facebook, Twitter and Blogs

Joran in 2010 with the introduction of open events and social chat site through blogs, Facebook and Twitter as a new platform to display a variety of fishing activities in Malaysia.

Currently, anglers or fishing enthusiasts to get information only through the insertion Rods published every Saturday or purchase the industry-related magazines on a monthly basis with a more expensive price.

Joran in 2010 with the introduction of open events and social chat site through blogs, Facebook and Twitter as a new platform to display a variety of fishing activities in Malaysia.

Currently, anglers or fishing enthusiasts to get information only through the insertion Rods published every Saturday or purchase the industry-related magazines on a monthly basis with a more expensive price.

Now they can visit the website by clicking the icon fishing gear or fishing gear site Fan Page on Facebook, or / unitjoran to get free information on fishing activities .

This new medium of real interest to the average teenager to powder browser social website and the opportunity was taken to close the fishing gear on the prospects for future anglers, thus promoting the product.

Browser website can now interact directly with the Unit for the fishing rod fishing tournament location information; interesting program arranged promoters; articles on fishing experience; questions and answers with specialist fishing; tips; picture revolves around the organization of Rods GP since 1998 and discussion on space-related industries.

The public can put suggestions in improving the insertion Rods Rods GP or events that do not produce as long as the words of abusive and offensive to any particular individual.

Facebook and Twitter made the selection for social chat site is very close to the reader and makes the communication among them. With meramaikan contacts 'Add Friend' Rods dissemination can occur overnight, but across the world without borders.

In Rods Fan Page on Facebook and survey provided space to enable people to vote in respect of the relevant original publications Rods returned every Friday with eight pages, compared to only four pages each Saturday.

All three sites are social chat as additional information that did not have time or no space to play in the fishing rod insertion. It is also easier for people to see the wealth of photographs and progress over 14 years of organizing fishing gear GP starting at Tanjung Piai, Johor Darul Takzim.

Also included in this social chat is a series of international fishing competition that had organized the Daily News as Labuan International Fishing Challenge at Layang-Layang; Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge in Kuala Rompin Koh guard Satun and Langkawi International Challenge.

In addition, browsers website to share the experience with sending files directly or download the pictures that appear on all three platforms in respect of each day, compared with a fishing rod insertion is published once a week. They also can get a photo with contact Star Photo Unit.

11 Companies Submitted Sponsorship Rods GP

Eleven sponsors come forward to submit their sponsorship at a ceremony at Balai Berita, here, yesterday, for the merry Carnival Fishing Rods GP Second Round to be held in Kuala Pahang, Pekan, Pahang, on Saturday and Sunday.

Sponsored submitted to the Deputy Group Editor, Berita Harian Sdn Bhd (BHSB), Mahfar Ali witnessed the Special Projects Manager Star, Mizal Riza. Sponsor were Universal Fitness & Leisure (Coleman), Adabi, Superbest Power Company Padi Beras Nasional (Bernas), Gardenia, OK Sales & Sevices Sdn Bhd, tce Tackles, Nestle / Maggie, Del Lucious, She's Cookies and Boat Explorer Sdn Bhd.

In the event represented Adabi Campaign Manager and public Relations, Chef Raman Abu Samah; UFL / Coleman represented by Assistant General Manager, Ahmad Termizi; Gardenia represented by Executive Marketing, Lavinia Anthony; Superbest represented by the Executive Power Marketing, Mohd Nor Ismail; Bernas represented Senior Manager Communications Corporate, OK Roslan Othman and Sales Services represented the Business Development Manager, Md Sham Tit.

Second Round Rods GP organized by the Daily News offers cash
total of RM82, 000.

Coastal and Ocean Champions category will receive a cash prize of RM20, 000; second, RM10, 000 and third, RM4, 000.

TV3, BH fishing destination campaign

The three-day expedition concept family activities take anglers discover the deep interest
KUALA LUMPUR: To promote domestic tourism destination, especially fishing, TV3 in collaboration with Star Rods Unit will conduct a three-day expedition 'Boat on The Road' on 7 May.

Now open for registration, the expedition is expected to attract over 100 entries, especially the owners of four wheel drive vehicle with three fishing location choice.

The three-day expedition concept family activities take anglers discover the deep interest

KUALA LUMPUR: To promote domestic tourism destination, especially fishing, TV3 in collaboration with Star Rods Unit will conduct a three-day expedition 'Boat on The Road' on 7 May.

Now open for registration, the expedition is expected to attract over 100 entries, especially the owners of four wheel drive vehicle with three fishing location choice.
Executive Director of Editorial Operations News and Media Prima Berhad, Datuk Ahmad A Talib, said the expedition was the concept of family activities and participants is released in convoy on the porch Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama to destinations such as the proposed Letter Lumut and Pulau Perak: Kuala Rompin, Pahang or Kemaman in Terengganu. However, the selected destination will be announced soon.
"Participants are required to carry (interest) fiberglass boats or aluminum itself to fixed locations," he said at a press conference at Balai Berita, here, yesterday.

Present the same, Chief magazine and documentary Production TV3, Zainal Ariffin Ismail; Director and Host Tour Rods, Nasir Yusof; Star Project Manager, Mohd Rizal Mizal Author and Editor Tongue Star, Mohd Kamal Ahmad.

Ahmad, who is also chairman of the program, said the expedition was also a sign of cooperation between TV3 with the Daily News is known for the successful organization of the annual fishing competition, fishing gear GP.

In addition to the expedition was to promote the new program TV3, Discover Rods that will meet the audience the middle of next month.
Ahmad said at the expedition, the organizer of a policy of 'first come first served' and those interested can obtain information by contacting the Unit Rods Star Rods or through the insertion every Saturday or Facebook in search Rods.

Meanwhile, Nasir said the Tour plans filled with fishing gear and fishing information to teach the audience about the ethics, guidelines, product updates and ins-outs of fishing.

"Discover Rods published a half-hour show attractive destinations in Lake Kenyir, the Royal Belum Forest and the South China Sea. At the end of the program published in the latest methods of fishing, a quiz with prizes.

"To participate in the contest, viewers need to get the fishing rod and insert the form of the questions centered on the program," he said.
For information about the expedition, the public can contact Zainudin Ismail at 013-3310166 or 03-22823131 (extension 4241/4242) and Osman softball through email or 016-6359023.
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