Sebarau Fishing Technique (Bait Drift)

Sebarau is a freshwater predator fish scales on the Malaysian entertainment. It is an aggressive predator and very like to play in areas that have current. Agile, active and aggressive when hunting for fish fry or shrimp. The head is similar to the complaint, but his body is flat and has a red tail-shaped "V" and framed in black, the body is a black stripes like a black belt tekwando. 

For this fishing, patience and skill required for proper arrest. This is because of these fish prefer to stay in the water have current and highly sensitive to human presence. Fishing can also use the usual way by using the weight but it is not the best way to fish this Sebarau. 

There are two best ways to fish is by using gewang Sebarau (casting) or use the live bait. However, the use of live bait is the best of the best. The use of live bait for fishing Sebarau, the technique is more effective bait drift because it makes you look like a bait fish that is free and natural. For bait fishing float, sinker can not be used because it will make the bait sink in the river bed. We recommend that main line connected to the small size of Chile and perambut fine with about 15 inch long. Use a smaller hook for the bait and thus does not cause bait to die. Hook is in the mouth should dinstall bait (fish fry) to make the bait swim normally, if the hook is installed at the top of the fish, this will make the fish swim horizontally when exposed to current, this will cut the bait, and it will make the Sebarau eat not feel suspicious baits.

140 join BOTR

A total of 140 participants from 50 teams from around the country joined the Boat On The Road (BOTR) today began hunting and sebarau toman particular species in Lake Kenyir, Terengganu to take the overall prize of RM10, 000. 

The competition was organized by the Unit of Berita Harian and TV3 Rods in cooperation with City Government to promote the slot 13 episodes Rods Explore the broadcast television stations from May 16, save for exposing audiences to the best fishing hole around the country, including the Lake Kenyir.

Participants came from Johor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan and Kuala Lumpur Selangor besides participating in convoy from Sri Pentas TV3 right at 8 am yesterday and arrived at Lake Kenyir about 11 hours later. They enjoy the banquet barbecue pits in the Lake Kenyir Resort & Spa before the race briefing and hearing protection. 9 am, participants travel from Pangkalan Gawi going Mandak and competition on the River Snail River located west of Lake Kenyir, which takes about two hours. A total of 50 boats participating boats that hold 13 houses each made the base for at least three players while the team monitored two Marshal. 

Target participants are toman fishing the heaviest fish deemed able to determine the winner. Organizers set rules only six fish each team qualifying competition. In addition, fish sebarau also limited to six pieces by each team to comply with the concept of catch and release sport fishing and ethics that encourage the fish dead or injured in any competition. 

Tournament champion receives rewards RM3, 000 plus a boat sponsored by Fish Hunter Universal Fitness & Leisure; winner of the RM2, 000 and third-RM1, 000. Ten consolation winners each receive RM300 and RM200 ten more. Also interesting is offered on a 9 foot fiberglass boat sponsored by Boat Explorer. The company offers special rates for participants who want to buy the same model boat. 

The competition is scheduled the day ends at 7 pm and resumed at 7 am tomorrow right before the termination of the right at 12 noon. After that, the participants left to return to base Gawi while enjoying lunch. 

The closing ceremony and prize presentation is scheduled to be executed Terengganu Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said, the correct base Gawi 3 pm tomorrow and disperse at 5 pm. 

Meanwhile, BOTR add lively when seven sponsors are Tourism Malaysia to submit their sponsorship signs supporting the competition. Sponsor is Universal Fitness & Leisure (UFL-Coleman), tce Tackles Sdn Bhd, Boat Explorer Sdn Bhd, Pro Gear and Super Outworld Powerbest, who offered a variety of products as gifts. 

Sponsored submitted to the Editor Berita Harian Sdn Bhd Group, Datuk Mior Kamarul Shahid and witnessed his deputy, Ali Mahfar. 

Director of Industry Development Division, Zulkifly Md Said representing Tourism Malaysia sponsored cash of RM10, 000 together with the hamper; UFL Coleman represented by its Managing Director, Datuk Radha Krisnan deliver Coleman sponsored a variety of products including tube boats, tents, lighting, cooling drums, chairs, mattresses wind and water containers. 

Tackle represented tce marketing manager Michael Tan, who sponsored a variety of fishing equipment and accessories. Chief Executive Officer Boat Explorer, Mike Thien also submit a fiberglass boat. Outworld represented Manager Pro Gear programming, Khairil Yusree, submit sponsorship waterproof bag, while the Managing Director Superbest Power, Kamal Mohd Nor, hand coffee healthy. 

Prior to this, the Government, represented Terengganu Menteri Besar, Datuk Ahmad Said, deliver cash sponsorship of RM150, 000 to help ensure the success of the competition. The state government also offered a cash prize of RM20, 000 to the angler who landed a dragon or fish Arapaima gigas. 

Meanwhile, the RMC Group which manages the Highway and the Kuala Lumpur-Karak Highway East Coast agreed to waive payment of tolls along the two routes to the vehicles of participants and the Secretariat.

Environmentally Friendly Fishing Competition

Tournament Fishing Boat On The Road (BOTR) in 2010 in Lake Kenyir, Terengganu on 7 to 9 May to enforce compliance, especially the concept of environmentally friendly catch and release ethic, catch limits for fish sebarau and set the minimum size of species toman.
This means that each team are allowed to fish six fish sebarau toman while the minimum size allowed to be played must be over 40 centimeters long. Organisers also limit the heaviest six fish will be played for each team. 

Other measures that are deemed environmentally friendly release all fish caught alive and ensure the participants handle with care and not catch fish injury. The use of hooks and bait from the three organs of animals are also prohibited. Live bait such as ducklings and frogs are also prohibited. "These are the distinctive features of a fishing competition Boat On The Road, emphasizing the environmental friendliness of the interest of fisheries resources, the environmental sustainability and safety of participants," said Executive Director of Editorial Operations News and Media Prima, Datuk Ahmad A Talib, who is also advisor contest it.
Competition rules, he said, were concerned about the safety of their players by making a float wearing safety jackets, ending the competition right at 6 pm and set all the above activities only after the boat house. The second day of competition began at 7 am and end before 10 am Gawi participants back to base.
"Ponton mark the boundaries of the area is also installed at the mouth of a stream to prevent the participants back and forth to each house boat upstream and participants are monitored for at least two marshals Rods," he said.
Participants led security police, Civil Defence Department, Real and enforcement relating to the lake. While the movement of vehicle convoys participants from Sri Pentas TV3 Tasik Kenyir to 428 kilometers far from the hours of 8 am on May 7 the police conducted and supported the team marshals, mechanics and truck towed. 

BOTR competition organized by the unit Rods Star and TV3 in collaboration with the State Government. The event aims to promote new slot includes 13 series of admissible release fishing hole across the country that will air in mid-May TV3.
Organizing, particularly targeting 50 four wheel drive vehicles (4x4) involving 150 to 200 participants who will be using a small boat in the location of the competition. At least 15 house boats used to bring participants and boats to locations situated on the River Mandak, about two hours to travel from Pangkalan Gawi.
Participants charged a fee of RM250 package includes one night accommodation at the resort, dinner, and sate, house boat rentals, and gift certificate (hats and t-shirts) in addition to seven sessions to eat in the house boat.
A sum of RM10, 000 awarded to the team that won the champions take home RM3, 000; the RM, 2000, and the third RM1, 000. A total of 10 consolation prizes of RM300 each, and five consolation worth RM200 each were offered to individual participants.
BOTR in conjunction with, the competition for the locals held at 8 am on May 8 in the bank base by offering prizes Gawi total of RM3, 000 to RM10 a fee with a boom.
In another development, the state government does not allow any fishing activities and fishing in the River Snail River Mandak and start today.
Chairman of Tourism, Arts and Heritage State, Zaabar Datuk Mohd Adib, said the two rivers have identified the state government and the Central Terengganu Development Authority (Centered) as the location occupied various species of freshwater fish with a class of its own.
"Location will be closed from all fishing activities and fishing for a week to ensure that participants get the fish.
"In addition, as a sign of collaboration with TV3 and fishing gear unit that launched the program to attract the public once a lake Kenyir as the best destination for domestic tourism," he said.
The closing date on May 4 (Monday) this. More information see the ad on page 12 or contact Umbai (013-3310166).
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