Kelong Paradise Waterfront Resort

While fishing on the Kelong and Enjoy relaxing atmosphere of Sunset at Sea

 About Us :

Sitting 15 nautical miles off Sabak Bernam and commonly referred to as Kelong Paradise, this is the one place where anglers can fish in peace. The Selangor State Government has created a haven for diehard anglers right in the middle of the sea that promises nothing but the best in terms of catch.

Built at a cost of RM10 million, the kelong has been attracting fishing enthusiasts from all over the country because the waters around it teem with jenahak, tenggiri, kurau, stingray, senangin and gelama, among others. Senangin is the most popular fish among anglers and the best months to land this fish is from March through to August. 

only RM158
nett per person

 Package includes :
  • Two way boat transfer from BNO Jetty to Kelong Paradise
  • 3 meals per day (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)
*Normal package applies from Thursday to Sunday

For reservation, contact us HERE  
Meeting Package
Day trip-8 hours
Capacity: 20-100 persons

  • 2 way boat transfer (Bagan Nakhoda Omar jetty - Kelong Paradise Waterfront Resort)
  • Breakfast + lunch + tea
  • Meeting room
  • **excluding fishing
  Seminar Package
2 Days 1 night
Capacity: 20-42 persons

  • 2 way boat transfer (Bagan Nakhoda Omar jetty - Kelong Paradise Waterfront Resort)
  • Breakfast + lunch + tea + dinner + supper
  • Meeting room
  • Sleeping accommondation
  • **excluding fishing

Value for Money Packages
In addition to the above, we also offer the following selections to suit your needs:
  • Group package
  • Individual package
  • Family package
  • Seafood Barbeque Package
Please contact us for further details.

Accomondation :
Pari Room
Max. 5 person
  • Queen size & triple decker bed
  • TV & Astro
  • Coffee bar
  • Private bathroom


Kerapu Room
Max. 4 person
  • Queen size bed
  • TV & Astro
  • Coffee bar
  • Private washroom

Jenahak Room
Max. 4 person
  • Queen size bed
  • Sofa bed
  • TV & Astro
  • Private washroom
Bawal Dormitory
Capacity : 10-22 person
Senangin Dormitory
Capacity: 20-42 person
* all rooms and dormitory are fully air-condition from 7 p.m. to 9 a.m. (next morning).
Prices are subject to change without any prior notice.


 Facilities :
Karaoke Room



Children Indoor Games

Getting there :
Sabak Bernam, which is 30km from Teluk Intan, is accesible through coastal road. The best way to get there is to exit the North-South Expressway at Sungai Buloh and heads towards Kuala Selangor. The drive to Sabak Bernam take anywhere between two to two and half hours.The kelong is a 15 minute ride and 20 minutes drive from Sabak Bernam to the jetty which is located at Bagan Nakhoda Omar.

Contact Us:

Kelong Paradise Waterfront Resort
Suite 838, Level 8, Block A, Lobby B, Kelana Centre Point,
No. 3, Jalan SS7/19 Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya
47301, Selangor MALAYSIA

Other contact numbers:
(+6) 013 271 9481
(+6) 019 345 6730
(+6) 016 666 2466
E-mail :

Fishing At Kelong

Builds Kelong Bagan Lalang

FOR eliminate boredom savage can not fish in the sea when the monsoon winds that swept along in some places, especially the east coast, the part of anglers switched to visit a place melampias kelong fishing anxiety.

Fishing in this kelong anglers often preferred because the smell of sea air and the body remains the same but will not be spoiled because of the waves is tossed from a boat.
Relaxed atmosphere, while the mind is more peaceful because there had to be in the belly of the boat at all times while gone astray saddled wave.

For anglers who are concerned, the option to kelong also suitable for bringing the whole family especially the children who should be trained to be a whiz at substituting the head of the family lines should the father is required to be in another location.

Fishing in kelong also very suitable because it is not possible symptoms of a hangover sea anglers suffer much less risk of foundering, as often occurs if the angler boat into the sea.

Thus, when the monsoon comes to its peak last December, the author had visited the Kelong Bagan Lalang in Sepang, Selangor.

Kelong is situated on the coast is only takes about 20 minutes boat ride 40 horse power. Based on experience Razeli Yusof and some of its website, kelong not be disappointed because if the date, day and time, the appropriate species of mackerel, gutters, rays, groupers and barramundi can be raised in this kelong.

Recognition of the given Aziz Ahmad is a visitor who came with his wife and son-in-law is there to really enjoy fishing gelama, Senangin, trevally, tamban, new leaves, and Sembilang.

Livestock Catfish (Ikan Keli) Canvas, you must explore new opportunities.

There are a few things to note before you all raising catfish in canvas:

1. Compatibility catfish habitat - the likes living in the mud.

Suppose also defended the canvas, it is possible, but eventually it will cause the catfish to be smaller and slower growing (slowly growing ... cost is calculated as the need to be fed-RB), a big catfish to be dominant and the smaller the group a small minority in the canvas eventually die!

2. Higher food costs

When you use the canvas, there is no other way to eat but want to have to eat rice. Because if the chicken stomach or other agro waste, causing the pond to decay, disease and causes high costs to copy the canvas water (water is expensive style that - but to dig their own wells - but electric too) every time for meals as above.

Ultimately, you are all still taxable for the bran. fish rice prices are now high enough? we all want can the capacity of the food costs, which ultimately will reduce the profit margin should we receive each month?

3. The cost of an expensive canvas - RM1200-1500 per unit, if in Kota Bahru, if somewhere else, I'm sure more expensive.

1 piece of canvas can accommodate a maximum of 700 most catfish, it seems a bit-how kanvas that could increase the productivity and efficient use of resources? 20 were for commercial scale usually.

20 units x 1500 = RM30, 000 to the canvas after you have spent, it does not include the cost of pipes, water engines, nets, promotion, motor oil, labor and others.

Finally, one who seems to profit? 
  • RB seller
  • catfish fry seller
  • seller canvas
  • sales pipe
  • the water sellers engine
You all like where?

The more days the greater the costs incurred, for the taxable tanggng food costs increased more days. The cost of food is the largest operating cost in the project catfish canvas (other than fixed costs, such as canvas, etc.)

When to sell, there is no demand and no wholesaler to buy? for what?

They want to buy all the goods at bargain prices. suppose you are selling the expensive (but to bear on high operating costs), they certainly will not buy from you.

My proposal; 
  1. This technology is only good for urban entrepreneurs who have no area or land to be swimming alone. supposing that want to do, must do a commercial, just to increase productivity. 
  2.  Pond system to a - see systematic weaknesses behind the pond system? whether it is good or not?.

For me it is better than the system now being introduced catfish canvas. because it is more economical and 'people friendly'; 
  • Build a pool that can accommodate tail catfish 30.000 people just need to dig in wages only / 2day RM1500. rm500 add more to the net and nothing else. compared with the cost of RM1, 200 only for a canvas only accommodate a maximum of 700 pieces reply only? which is more efficient? 
  • Cost of food? cheap and economical, just take FREE perut2 chicken, more fish, etc., and for more nasi2 ikan2 you eat catfish ... everything is free and available in a breeze. can be said you do not need to directly to the cost of food, even if only for the oil out and buy a little cheap-price cukup2 reply. 
  • No cost to UTILITIES - Water, electricity, engine pumps, tanks, etc.. 
  • Faster growing catfish, in accordance with their habitat and more environmentally friendly - recycling of agricultural products.
3. Supposing that the business also want this project, thinks the technology to be sdr2 tin catfish, sardines and catfish so opposed to chicken brand sardines etc. Posted competitive-price selling and enter the halal market. it directly to save costs for eat fish, because after 40 days ... catfish big enough to eat a LOT. 

4. You see the prospect of selling its catfish - costs more affordable and profitable. market prices last year, RM0.20 for a child a catfish that size is only 2cm. like any? interesting is not it? 

5. Need to eat chain exists all catfish farmers in Malaysia ... of
- Create Bran - seeds - pool - wholesalers and
finally - restaurant / hotel-marketing to users. 

Only then can profit a lot and to reduce costs. 

Please help you all, I was just shaped View proposal and not my intention to criticize the any party. 

Your views only to neutralize excited us. For me, you all due care and analysis as possible of all aspects of the project mixed you want to run. so that it competitive and profitable for all parties. 

Do not do just because of the trend solely. because history has proven. Serama chicken has lost color, flower horn fish has sunk at sea, rabbits and many do not know where projects sink etc. have been introduced. 

Make the best for yourself, your family, community and country. Really note ... children waiting for you 'food comes from you. 

All the best! hope that this view can help. 
Make prayer before istiqharah make choices, God willing, God is with you. I always pray for your success I :-)

IKAN PUYU (Anabas Testudineus)

Puyu fish have the same properties with freshwater fish, other, even assuming the public perception of fish as fish puyu swamp or mud fish. Puyu fish species of freshwater fish is the most durable because of its shape sharp fins scaly and smooth, with a long lifespan and can live long in the land even without water. Usually the fish will be allowed to puyu within 2-3 days before cooking for the purpose of eliminating the smell of mud.

Fish puyu (Climbing perch) or scientific name Anabias Testudineus, also called damsel fishes. Puyu fish habitat is usually in the rice fields, lakes, wetlands, and creek bottom.
Farming Potential

Puyu fish looks like the easiest fish in the farm as most farmers feel that the fish are resistant (tough), die hard, air breather, and can eat what LETS. For me three things need to be taken into consideration if we breed puyu.

1. at the time of the new fish into the pond expansion, it should be given enough food it was 20 per cent of body weight and given 4-5 times daily. Better if we can provide livestock feed is always in the pool like stewed chicken stomach that is not destroyed or is not a big catfish on cut pieces. Puyu fish at this time is very large kanibalistik and will eat small animals that may be less than the rate of more than 50%. 4-5 meals a day should be done during the first 2-3 weeks.

2. Bethany puyu fish is much larger and faster than males puyu. if hard, grade fish is after a month and throw puyu males usually quite small and long. even in animals up to 6 months, male puyu great difficulty and want the hard sell.

3. puyu can eat anything because it was kind of omnivorous. but if we puyu female cattle, it takes the amount of fat and fish oil is more than other fish because it attempts to store fat as much as possible to nest.

Prices fish farm puyu at this time was between RM8-10 per kilo at SAIS 5-8 pieces per kilo.

Profitable blue Swimming Crab (Ketam Ranjung)

Lucrative revenue derived from the 'new source' makes fishermen in Kuala Muda here could not sleep almost every day. More "blue swimming crab 'to be collected, the higher the potential revenue is collected.

That new revenue sources to local fishermen in the area are excellent security and Bakar Kapor began at 6 am. A fisherman said to be able to land three or four nets into the sea during the big water to get that type of crab. Upon completion of the hold the purse in the area, they should come ashore again.

Work on pulling the net up to the boat was made ​​at about 11.00 am. If lucky, a fisherman can earn between 10 to 15 pounds of crab caught in pukatnya. Azzuyadi Ismail, 37, from excellent security, said he has been studying ways to catch crabs that type more than 15 years ago.

He said the work is done during the trawl and the season is between January and April. Therefore, he explained, there are fishermen who are not willing to do this challenging work. "Usually the blue swimming crab did not like living in places muddy, this kind of enthusiasm once lived in the sand," he said. According to him, his own acquisitive RM1, 000 only in a few days.

"Sometimes we sell itself crabs immediately brought ashore at a price between RM18 and RM20 per kg," he said. However, the price of a blue blue swimming crab are sold at the market more than RM25 per kg. Mohd. Faizal Abdul Rahim, 28, from Bakar Kapor was told, usually he has had only two small crabs but the weight can reach up to one kilogram. "See the style at this time, blue swimming crab to give us good fortune, if it can reap big benefits," he said.
"When the blue swimming crab season just finished, we had to return to the original work of catching shrimp and fish are," he said. Meanwhile, Azmi Shafiee, 55, from Guar Lubak, Padang Serai, said he and his son, Mohd. Anuar, 18, put the crab nets in areas deemed suitable starting at 7 am and must be pulled ashore before at 12 noon.

"There is food, I could continue to push this to the number of crabs that awaits the winner of Fish Landing Endin Lahar, for sale. "Usually, I get RM50 per day for holding the results of this crab nets," he said. He added that he was not worried about the market because some traders are willing to buy at a price of RM16 per kilogram.

According to him, because of work to catch these crabs can make money, he plans to want to buy a new boat engine. "I hope the Area Fisherman's Association (GDV) are here to help in solving this problem," he said. "If they can help, of course, improved income and my family is certainly encouraging," he said.
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