Island Jarak Jenahak fish eat the bait at night Distance

A fish that is so challenging participants

WATERS Island Distance in Lumut, Perak, who will be the field later in June Rods GP participants is a major destination for anglers across the country due to the hordes of A-grade fish in coral reefs remain imprisoned even though every day hijacked trawler. 

Jenahak and kerapu increased the most when on the island spacing.
Depth of seawater fish guarantee permanent refuge in the reef surrounding the season changes though it dibalun monsoon waves and swift currents of the straits of Malacca. All hazards, including four-meter waves tossed does not prevent a group of seven anglers led by Md Isa from Kuala Lumpur expect high coral grouper Island expedition Distance in 3 days 2 nights recently.

Once supplied with mackerel and squid bait fresh from Pangkor Island fishing platform, boat rushed to leave Kuala a busy fishing boats and Navy warships based in Lumut. 

On the way, lures down in the back of the boat to find mackerel or barracuda as accessibility to say there are many species occupied both sharp-toothed fish. 

Unjam the boat stopped at a location which can only be tracked through the buoys that marked in red, white and blue for live fish bait made. 

Lures were swept not hit, but stop in the spirit of our burn unjam when bait fish brand, mackerel and scad full. Based on the experience Tekong known as Ah Foo, we were taken to the eastern long-distance and anchor coral. Size sinker to use after the current life selar berumpankan rather fast. 

Md Isa said, over four hours in there, seven snapper was defeated in that location before the fish had moved deep silence. At the new location, two other successful mid-sized snapper landed and by afternoon, the skipper moved far in the western part of the island and choose the level of water 42 meters deep. 

The new pool is full of fish-gerut gerut, thick cheeks and tetanda and gluttons fill whip bloated piece of bait, scad and squid. In the meantime, Md Nor fulfilling his wish when it is able to tame stingrays the size of five kilograms of specially ordered to be cooked for hot acid-in-law family. 

"Order is like a fluke wife and jemuduk tetanda also surrendered to me," he said. 

After dark, we moved to a safe place while accompanied by a fishing boat owned by a skipper who is also filled with anglers. 

Whatever feeling a little nervous when we approached a speed boat that tried to approach to hover a few times but soon left as soon as the two boats we light the floodlights lit up the sea nearby. 

For the record, these waters are exposed to pirate attacks, so in safety, we agreed to leave the location co-located and returned to Pangkor jetty.

Langkawi International Fishing Tournament June 30

20 Teams Confirm Join the Langkawi International Fishing Competition

Cash prizes are up for grabs at the Langkawi International Fishing Tournament (Lift) 2012 which will last for two days at Awana Porto Malai here from 30 June.

Chief Executive Officer of the Langkawi Development Authority (Lada) Tan Sri Khalid Ramli said the prize money is offered to more than 400 participants from within and outside the country, including those from Singapore, Thailand, Australia and Indonesia.
He said the competition was divided into two categories: individual and species heaviest with the entry fee is charged RM300 per person (including payment for a boat, a skipper and bait).

"The competition is open to all domestic and international. Johan individual categories will receive a cash prize of RM8, 000, runner-up to RM5, 000 and third place RM2, 500," he said at a press conference here Wednesday.

He said the heaviest category of species, the first prize of RM2, 000, runner-up (700) and third (RM500).

Welcome Fishing :-)

'Pak hitam' Burma

"ENOUGH-Baloi worth the journey as far as 3,000 kilometers (km) just want to guess one of the most popular fish in the Andaman sea Burmese Bank," said Halim Hussin, when he joined the trip of seven days and six nights a team organized by god 7 Ocean (D7L) recently.
HALIM HUSSIN together with fish kertang in Burmese Bank.
It appears that the waters of the Andaman sea current meeting place of the Indian Ocean and the straits of Malacca's rich heritage and a giant-sized fish are not available in this country.

Although the depth of the environment and the structure is very different from the waters of the seas in Malaysia, Halim expressed his satisfaction with the visit for the first time to hunt fish such as piranhas which dealt with what I devour falling on the surface.

More telling, Halim said, fishing in the Andaman sea requires mental and physical fitness as the precise depth of 200-500 meters and its waters reached even 400 grams of iron jigs took some time to fall in the sea.

"That does not include when we menggarau henjutan interspersed with the short interval in which the angler will lose less energy in the middle of the road for such activities.

"However, the preparation of a ratio reel and rod, high strength and also help to prevent anglers from what was said earlier," he said.
TUNA teeth the size of these dogs is very easy
obtained by mengunjun iron jig.
When he joined the trip D7L Halim, he uses the strength of Master Jigging rod PE 6-8 with Shimano Stella 10000 reel devoted to the interesting 'monster' with easy to surface water.

With a matching rod and reel like this, pumping the fish to the surface to be easy due to fish the waters of the Andaman sea is not know the meaning of tired to eat iron jig extended.

Capitalizing on iron jigs weighing only 400g in different colors, various fish succeeded in obtain by using jigging techniques such as bali bream, barramundi, red, yellow tail tuna, grouper and more can be said to be all fish grade 'A' and has a high value on the market.

After a satisfying treat bali bream and black grouper, skipper Engkarat of Polaris One boat owner plans to seek his fortune to one of his hole for tuna fishing.

THE night is the best time fishing Kerisi.
Along there, the real partying D7L team tuna estimated 4-6 kg size was easily managed with an iron jig jig could not even get to the bottom, the fish will hit on the hook.

"Genesis double strike or double hook-up has become normal fishing hole near skipper Engkarat choice and what is interesting, bananas and Wahoo fish that share the area with too much tuna fish swallowing the jig and its size is quite rough and matches the same way a great with tuna, "said Halim.

Jigging fishing activities carried out until the last night D7L team where dozens of kilograms of fish species a grade of "A" was increased.

"There is no denying the Andaman sea coast is rich in treasures of fish that inhabit the bottom. All your hard work with fun menggunjun terubat iron is deceiving many fish that was previously only eat the bait fish, "said Halim.

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