Hunting Kerapu and Red Fish In Ketam Island!

Planned trip early this week accompanied by me, Eboi and Mr. Fuad from Meru Klang. Have long to invite them this while learning science together, finally happening. Mr. Frank is a member rental trip ever down with me, but the results somewhat less so at the time. So I try to explain why our situation different fishing trips I take. The real purpose of this trip is to try the long-I did not visit. Not due to sulk or do not like, but not all anglers are willing to through if. Only a truly indulgent and mentally able to hold this on location. Word attachment, mesh-mesh, cikbun and waited, only to raise ravin as below. Imagine, sometimes fall down just bait, hook already hooked on Reba. Who would not be angry if it's like this, right? So let's see what we can :-)

Casting the bait to supply despite slow.
Trips are expected to decline as early as 6 am to 10 am had slowed due to the inevitable duty. Once on base and updating equipment, we are looking for live bait shrimp and perumpun on exit. Quite funny when Mr. Eboi say that mackerel for bait was purchased by his father and half-cooked fried!. Fortunately there is bait fresh lash obtained from her.

Large and fast water conditions have been fully recede. Done looking perumpun, then we realize drinking water supply has lagged. All sorts of allegations that come this time. We had to turn back. Without sufficient water may not have the energy to fishing later. After quite warm weather even looks dim.

We went through the usual route has fully receded. The engine had to be lifted in order to avoid being stuck in a shoal and break wood waste. Although slow in rural routes, the river is somewhat in the next passage. It is true, said Mr. Abul, the river water will not dry even bigger. Thank you friends, for sharing knowledge. Having passed the river meandering route, we went to the last cage toward Dry Strait while making observations on the cliff. Reba area that is very interesting! Much of it is a large tree that had fallen into the water, and quite horrible labyrinth.

Started fishing at anchor cage as the water has not risen. Some gelama successfully raised fish and began to turn the tide. We moved several times until the high water and the fish began to terrorize. The first location successfully produced two fish red and this is the work of Mr. Eboi hand and Mr. Frank.

This red fish successfully promoted Mr. Fuad with lash cut bait at the first location, right on the wood Reba. Although not large, but its appeal is quite violent. Wrong style into Reba and miss style. Mr. Eboi even get a little. Last group of fish do you think?

Average Red fish here all physical defects.
Buntal fish by fish tetanda almost equal size.
 Two tail once could in the same Reba.

Two fishing rod completely wrong! Grouper successfully duped by bait shrimp alive. Before that, managed to escape to the Reba and outboard. But the result had been persuaded out of patience Mr Fuad.

The beautiful colors of these groupers, like any soldier. Do not know what type is.

This is the result of patience to wait over half an hour. Lash cut bait really works. With the large size of the eyes and a big bait, certainly no small fish catch.

Mr. Eboi also managed to raise ancillary with the same bait. Although outboard, had been persuaded to go out again.

The overall result is a very good trip despite the relatively short fishing. Trips leave home after dark as a torch just brought.

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