Highlights consult with friends, date, time and location to be designated for shrimp fishing (boat). Initial preparation including outboard engine 4 ~ 15 horsepower, paddle, anchor, ropes, making the early leader, fishing equipment considered complete, do not forget your life jacket and if you want to go fishing at night, do not forget a flashlight and "lighting guru" or "chicken lights" . Feedback should be sought, especially earthworms and shrimps (wrapped in newspaper and stored in the refrigerator to ensure freshness). 

Patience is so important when fishing.

  1. Rods and reel for fishing shrimp let light type. Rods should be fine in 4 1/2 feet long and the reel does not have to be large. 
  2. Main rope should be between 10 ~ 15 pounds, while the leader is between 6 ~ 8 lbs. 
  3. The size of the sinker usually between no: 5 ~ 6. The small size of the sinker can be used when a slow-moving stream. 
  4. Some brands of small hooks can be used, but usually is between no: 7-10 of choice. Sometimes anglers prefer to use their own hooks.
Shrimp are not actually choose food / feed, but anglers should also consider the resilience of eye hook bait, including worms, perumpun, shrimp, fish fillet. But still the main choice of earthworms as closely related to body shape and fitness eye hook a shrimp pools.
Fishing methods (from the boat)
  1. For fishing on the boat, is the most suitable and comfortable for 2 people for a sampan along 12 to 16 feet. 
  2. Five stem rod is a timely and if there is a new study, they may be starting with 2 -3 stalks first. Not surprisingly, there were more than that if he was able to control everything. 
  3. The composition of the rod on the boat while fishing is also important to follow the rules just like rod 1 thrown away, followed by the little rod 2 and so on until the last rod was handed down canoe. This can avoid the convoluted with each other. 
  4. Throwing bait to bait / sinker trace the riverbed, then scrambling up the rope taut dikekili mother. There rod placed beside the canoe without the handheld and wait. 
  5. If you are sure the shrimp had swallowed the bait (by looking at the end of the pull rod) did snap a soft or scrambling along the rope. Here's chest palpitations prawn fishers felt the pull of the prawn to be successful or otherwise.

  1. Alert eat shrimp feed is not the same under the circumstances. 
  2. Sometimes eating shrimp feeds without showing any movement. 
  3. There is also a strike with such rude fish. 
  4. There is an attractive bait with the half embarrassed. 
  5. Strikes a small and slow is not necessarily small shrimp and coarse and strong lightning is not necessarily large shrimp (do not be surprised) Results will be known during the course of time be raised shrimp.
Find a Location Lobster 
  1. Consider the area with lots of food and shrimp are easy to hide. 
  2. The current gulf moderate pace. 
  3. Areas that can get stuck with a lot of tree branches and roots of trees in the water. 
  4. As the water table changes every day, as well as the position of shrimp, lobster sometimes like to play in the middle of the river, especially if the water is moving medium speed.
  1. When fishing for shrimp, laziness should not be practiced. Feedback should always be checked in the eye of the hook. How after 5 minutes bait anchored and there is no signal, it is necessary to lift the rod to ensure whether it is stuck or has obtained a shrimp. 
  2. If after 15 minutes still no signal crayfish which means the area is not suitable for prawn fishing and should be moved to another place. 
  3. The monsoon season is the season for shrimp fishing is not suitable because the water level is too high, the rapid flow of water and weather / cold water. 
  4. The best time is during the summer 4~5 days without rain, the river water is warm, the lobster was out looking for food. 
  5. Disorders such as fries and so are the challenges in retaining patience. 
  6. Use the anchor is required if you want to go fishing in the middle of the river. 
  7. If a small river (upstream) in the string can be stretched across the bottom of the shrimp business.
Beware of predator while fishing.
  1. Speech must be maintained. 
  2. Do not dispose of food such as meat, shrimp fishing area. 
  3. The eyes and ears alert for crayfish deep habits shared by a crocodile. 
  4. Often collaboration among colleagues. 
  5. Start a Bismillah and ended with Alhamdulillah.


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