Fishing Tips During The Fasting Month

Entering Ramadan, do not ever think to stop any fishing activity. Although the stomach is empty, it does not mean only the days spent in silence at home. HeaLth mind should still be maintained with fishing. Only, keep in mind, because fasting limited energy, fishing should be adjusted.

So fasting is maintained, the frequency of fishing should be reduced to 50%. For example, if the fishing is usually 12 hours per day, must be reduced to 6 hours. No need for long. The important thing is quality.

Fishing tips that need to be smart. The most secure type, such as fishing kilogram, kilogram fishing is not too strenuous, but the effect is related to the whole body. Can be done for 2-3 hours while waiting for iftar drum. the results can also be enjoyed as a breaking menu.

Options other types of fishing are the main options. Do galatama fishing is not too serious and drain the pocket, but can move around the joints. galatama pomfret catfish or variations can be made. Make a maximum of 3 hours. Galatama mas also okay. Only, when galatama mas, generally much concerned about the fast invalidated.

or you can also fishing in the river or lake that near your home. because of the long journey which will drain your energy. The practitioners also suggested fishing, fishing should take place a few hours before iftar. For example, from 15:00 to 17:00. That way, when the body has felt tired, did not have to wait long to start fasting. However, those accustomed fishing morning exercise habits can keep it. But, again, do not over-exert yourself. For those who already actively fishing usually forget time. If accomplished, we must break.

However, fishing is important. In addition to strengthening the heart, fishing can burn calories. In old age, decreased muscle mass and strength, maximum heart rate, and increased body fat.

The evidence suggests that fishing in the elderly can prevent or delay these functional loss. In fact, regular fishing could improve morbidity (morbidity) and mortality (death rate) due to cardiovascular disease (heart disease and blood disorders).

and remember when fishing in the provision romadhon do not bring drinks or fishing for fun smoking. Sam time  forget so forget holding cigarette lighters and then grab a drink (it pretended to forget or intentionally).

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