30,000 Visitors Fill Beach Puteri

MALACCA: hot weather 33 degrees Celsius recorded at the Puteri Beach, last week did not prevent more than 30,000 people visit the Carnival Fishing Pre-2010 GP Joran concussion more competition and opening the curtain series of GP Joran this year.

Thousands of visitors who come from all over the country to record their own history on the organization of GP Joran Berita Harian organized this time. Their presence adds to the statistics of tourists to this state of birth Hang Tuah.

The first day of Carnival Fishing Pre-GP Joran 2010 and Saturday, bustling with various events such as cooking demonstrations by celebrity, Chef Raman Amoy. He shows how to prepare fish, red ripe sour spicy, fried rice and cooking fat berjagung sardine Amoy.

Many visitors visited the stall and get cooking this recipe and picture with Chef Raman.

In addition, stalls selling cheap organized Bernas, Superbest Power, TCE Tackles, Boat Explorer, Noraini's Cookies and Maggi / Nestle unfailing visited people who want to get latest product sponsors.

What is for sure, children most likely pleased to participate in competitions organized by coloring Gardenia interesting over 200 entries. In addition to earned almost as gifts, children are also given color pencil, bread and Twiggies.

In the afternoon, karaoke competition organized by attracting over 20 entries. Azura David won this competition after defeating 24 other contestants. He received cash prizes and hampers.

At night, pop yeh-yeh, Jefrey Din and dangdut star, Ifa Raziah warm Princess Coast with their presentations. Some viewers dancing together by artist style adoration.

Presentation alternate alternate combo with Malacca Historical City Council (MBMB) and two new talent introduced through competition Idola Daily News, Syazwanie and Irwant.

Appearances champions Raja Lawak third season, Scarlet warm again on the second day carnival. Spontaneous behavior Scarlet manage pull rope and coloring competition organized Gardenia make children not dry gum.

Highlight addition to prize-giving ceremony to winners, the lucky draw session participants are anticipated. In fact, some visitors take the opportunity to register to pay RM100 only want to seize the opportunity to win prizes Modenas Kriss motorcycle and boat fiberglass sponsor contributions.

The main contribution of Members of Parliament prize Tangga Batu, Datuk Idris Haron was finally won Solomon Assim from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

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