Save River Telekosang

TENOM : Fish complain definitely synonymous with watery clear river that is located far inland and free from contamination. However, fish that are ideal foot fishing every day is getting increasingly scarce as threatened for various reasons. To fish is also not easy and requires patience and a long time high.

However, fish that has a delicious body with shiny scales that can be found easily on the River Telekosang is located in the area. River that flows into a rain resident fish species that have such a high market. In fact, 35.2 kilometers along the river is a source of sustenance to people in several villages in remote areas in this region such as village Rundum, Sumambu and Mamaitom. The river that flows swift river from the border to Indonesian villager Tomani in Tenom and also become a source of water to residents in that area.

However, the river is the main artery that area, especially rural population that is increasingly threatened. Malaysia Utusan reviews to find the river flowing clear river that is now used to switch the color to yellowish. In addition, there are a lot of waste timber that float in the river overlooking the ears. A villagers Mamaitom, Mohd. Syafie Abdullah, 65, said he was disappointed to see the current river conditions.

He claimed it was contamination that occurred due to human greed logging without environmental priority. "Rivers was a first time and in very clear, but now I am very sad to see once they have polluted and increasingly shallow. "So I appeal to the responsible parties to do something to stop the pollution that occurred in this river," he said when met here recently.

He said if no action is done right he believes the beauty and diversity of fish in the river will disappear altogether. Clearly, though many complain of fish in the river there at the time this species was seen but has been reduced by more than 10 years ago. "If the first complaint I can see fish swimming and when the banks can easily arrest but is no longer. "While the nets can be found every time ditebarkan, it is not as much as before," he said.

A resident of Kampung Sumambu, Panai Salim, 40, said the existence of many waste wood that float in the river at this difficult time catching fish population. In fact, he said, the timber wash it also may be dangerous to the safety of villagers seek there. "At this time, very difficult to install as wooden trawl trawl float many causes we often torn. Menjala For it is often difficult because of stuck," he said. In that Mongolok John, 57, who came from nearby towns Kemabung said the government should take proactive action to save the rivers.

Reported, the river is used as a potential tourism products that can improve the state's economic state and local residents. In addition, he said, efforts to save the river should also be done as soon as the shallow river conditions that can cause flash flooding risk in many areas in the region. "This river actually has many valuable treasures such as fish and various aquatic life complaint.

"In fact the river is also surrounded by flora and fauna that can provide variety and tranquility to visitors so it is maintained and protected accordingly," he said.

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