11 Companies Submitted Sponsorship Rods GP

Eleven sponsors come forward to submit their sponsorship at a ceremony at Balai Berita, here, yesterday, for the merry Carnival Fishing Rods GP Second Round to be held in Kuala Pahang, Pekan, Pahang, on Saturday and Sunday.

Sponsored submitted to the Deputy Group Editor, Berita Harian Sdn Bhd (BHSB), Mahfar Ali witnessed the Special Projects Manager Star, Mizal Riza. Sponsor were Universal Fitness & Leisure (Coleman), Adabi, Superbest Power Company Padi Beras Nasional (Bernas), Gardenia, OK Sales & Sevices Sdn Bhd, tce Tackles, Nestle / Maggie, Del Lucious, She's Cookies and Boat Explorer Sdn Bhd.

In the event represented Adabi Campaign Manager and public Relations, Chef Raman Abu Samah; UFL / Coleman represented by Assistant General Manager, Ahmad Termizi; Gardenia represented by Executive Marketing, Lavinia Anthony; Superbest represented by the Executive Power Marketing, Mohd Nor Ismail; Bernas represented Senior Manager Communications Corporate, OK Roslan Othman and Sales Services represented the Business Development Manager, Md Sham Tit.

Second Round Rods GP organized by the Daily News offers cash
total of RM82, 000.

Coastal and Ocean Champions category will receive a cash prize of RM20, 000; second, RM10, 000 and third, RM4, 000.

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