BOY charge weighing 2kg gain in Lubuk Beard.

JERANTUT : Mission fishing complain of red (Tor tambroides) in Lubuk Janggut in a river that confidentiality be deemed successful when a few birds that successfully domesticated species to the banks.

Adhere to the adage 'where there is water there is fish, Team Redah - Boy, Mael, Acik, Zul, Dollah, Amin Kamil and an interpreter as the navigation target hole after vigorous bike riding difficult journey before trekking routes in the desert. Route starting from Felda Selancar and took seven hours.

Tired of walking through the forest until the late afternoon, finally arrived at the destination pool. Boy was appointed as the head of the 'engineer' a place to erect tents and cook for four three-day expedition that night. After all finished, they break to restore energy to a great next day activities. As early as 6:30 am, rushed to install Mael crickets for bait fishing techniques of policy. This is then followed Acik, Zul, Dollah, and Amin Kamil. Boy is like mengilat technique after seeing the strike sebarau upstream Lubuk Janggut, located near the tent.

Could not mencucuh a cigarette, medium action rod bent Mael's gross property boom followed Acik. The two friends took their places to compete with caution because the string concerned initially bought 15 pounds dropped again.

The battle occurred about 10 minutes in the depth of the pool water depth of about 3 meters. A complaint and fish Baung each weighing 2 kilograms (kg) successfully promoted. Mael jumped for joy in his first license charge.

Boy who has mengilat to upstream Lubuk Janggut not disappointed when sebarau about 2 kg willing to hit the orange gewang his shallow dive. Fishing activity continued until late afternoon, and some pieces were lost charge. The next day, feeling excited seven technical sessions fishing companion to the thickened base after good results in the previous day.

This time, they split into three groups each to Lubuk Dead Wood, Lubuk tail Murai and Lubuk Ants are believed to be a lot of live fish Lubuk charge against Beard. Strategy is to be successful when their tails get some of the charge which was later released back into its original habitat.
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