How to Catch Crabs?

Assalammualikum ..... to all fishing ....... just want to intervene even if it's a topic to be presented not to do with fishing ........ but just want to add only knowledge ..... because these species breed in the sea, it's not wrong when we talked on this topic, which is about to catch crab?.
  1. How to catch crabs presumably ??..... I can usually only the shrimp nets came nipah crabs.
  2. What equipment is used to catch crabs?. Once found, such as traps were there.
  3. What kind of crab can be eaten ?.......
  4. Species and different ways of life which is ?.....
  5. In terms of bait to catch crabs of what ?......

Hopefully everyone can give their views and fishing information for new people like me ........ All I know ...... just eat crabs only way to catch crabs had never seen.

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