Sebarau fishing technique (bait drift)

Sebarau is a freshwater predator fish scales on the Malaysian entertainment. It is an aggressive predator and very like to play in areas that have current. Agile, active and aggressive when hunting for fish fry or shrimp. The head is similar to the complaint, but his body is flat and has a red tail-shaped "V" and framed in black, the body is a black stripes like a black belt taekwando.

For this fishing, patience and the right skills required to mendaratkannya. This is because of these fish prefer to stay in the water have current and highly sensitive to human presence. Fishing can also use the usual way by using the weight but it is not the best way to fish this sebarau.
There are two best ways to fish is by using gewang sebarau (casting) or use the live bait. However, the use of live bait is the best of the best. The use of live bait for fishing sebarau, the technique is more effective bait drift be
cause it makes you look like a bait fish that is free and natural. For bait fishing float, sinker can not be used because it will make the bait sink in the river bed. We recommend that main line connected to the small size of Chile and a fine long perambut about sehasta. Use a smaller hook for the bait and thus does not cause bait to die. Hook is in the mouth should dicangkuk bait (fish fry) to make the bait swim normally, if dicangkuk hook at the top of the fish, this will make the fish swim horizontally when exposed to current, this will cut the bait, and it will make the sebarau membaham not feel suspicious and bait.

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