Pari Coast Fishing Baits Moreb and Compatible

What bait and the right time to catch rays in the coastal areas, especially coastal ooze Morib.
If we look at landscape Morib beach, the beach is of a very flat and often visited the public during the holidays. Places that are often the focus of the public to wash Manda less populated Rays. Rays are not fond of fish species encountered by humans. Hubbub of people playing beach impact on the coast except the Stingray presence of a strong attraction for the Rays come to play at the shore. The beach is of sand and mud were mixed. For the Rays this area is part of the focus of food sources.
The Rays are close to the beach with a goal of finding food. The coastal areas there are several species known to be in the list of fish diet of fairy bebolos, belacak, gelama, cobra, anchovies, goggle eyes, lotion, etc. Amendments sisiknya not particularly thorny. Besides food source for coastal Rays are shrimp, squid octopus, crab perumpun and children.

In view of the beach area was the focus of fish to play and looking for food, use the right bait to ensure success. If using a dead bait fish slices, for example, it is easily destroyed and carried out a small fish, including crab before the Rays found. When the Rays find a bait that has been destroyed it is not interested in the bait. Recommended anglers using live bait fish are not disturbed getuan bebolos small child, the child belacak or Jajang (belacak a long occupation of brackish water estuary), a subsidiary gelama, medium-large shrimp life. Important forage fish consumed less digetu other.

As Morib is the focus, so fishing is recommended in the absence of the public.Better night for Rays will approach the coast at night. Summary, the best time is when the full tide at night.
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