Fishing Tips Haruan

How to Get Fish Haruan

Haruan (snake head) usually inhabit freshwater areas of water flow quietly and protective structures such as drains, the labyrinth layer of wood in the water, along the lines grassy and woody in the teeth of a bush and ditch water. Haruan (snakehead) like to gather in the area to protect themselves from predators such as the toman.

Among the fishing technique haruan (snake head) The most popular is to use a frog. Typically, the bait is pulled through the citadel of frogs haruan (snake head) will stimulate haruan (snake head) to catch and feed the frog jump.

In this technique should dihenjut frogs feed on grass layer-medley (bottom haruan). Roll over the width of the river or the need to drain, then feed the frog should be dropped slowly into the leaves and grass-henjutkan dihenjut repeatedly. Good luck.

The following methods are replaced with bait artificial bait frog (soft plastic temple). The illustration below shows how to use artificial baits (soft plastic bytes) for the trapping haruan (snake head). Good luck.
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