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Shahrul, Mohamad Irwan take home cash of RM20, 000

A grouper weighing 16.74 kilograms (kg) provides for a member of the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF), Shahrul Che May when crowned champion fishing tournaments Grand Slam Finals (GS) Rods GP 2011, Bukittinggi, on Sunday.

SOME 600 anglers meet Fold the Gulf Coast,
Bukittinggi when the show starts the beach category.
The victory enabled him to take home cash of RM20, 000 at once defeated 600 players participating Sea category. 

Technicians from Shah Alam admits his victory in the competition can be compared to living a double as he is expected to deliver her second child next month. He said it would use the winnings to her family and the rest for future savings. 

"I do intend as other participants to win prizes that will change the fate of their families. Today my dream seems to be achieved and the results of this victory will be best for families and babies to be born next month, "he said. Commenting on his experience raising grouper, the Shahrul, 30, said he was like three years before risking live octopus bait which he bought near Pulau Indah, Selangor is very effective trapping of reef species such as grouper and Alu. 

He said he was apparently able to bet on gray-scale grouper 16.47kg dangling end on the boat at about 4 pm on the first day of competition. Meanwhile, Champion's Beach Category Irwan Mohammad Abd Samad, 33, from Pahang to catch skate weighing 8.33kg and thus take home cash of RM20, 000 and accompanying prize sponsors. 

The steel mill workers did not wait long when the bait shrimp alive from the Coast Guard brought, Beserah, Kuantan Pahang continues rays struck the Gulf Coast Fold, Bukittinggi is about 15 minutes after the air horn sounded. "I did not sink into the sand, the ends of rods 16 feet last year bought a curved partial 'U' to indicate the victim hit the hook. What's more, I jumped up and grabbed the rope and the rod directly mengarau interval of 10 minutes, the rays of the tray lying on the sand. 

"After weighing in the table of judges and officers told Stingray that I may be listed dipancing to receive prizes and the chance went on stage for the first time in life," he said, would use the winnings to repair his house. 

In the meantime, the second category Mohd Zainuddin's Sea of ​​Mohd Ramli who succeed in raising grouper NSW 16.3kg and took home RM10, 000 and accompanying prizes from sponsors. Third place went to Ahmad Nizam Usman from Terengganu to catch mackerel 13.26kg with a cash prize of RM4, 000. 

Category Beach won second place and third Mazli Hadiezri Abdullah and Abdul Khalib each of Terengganu. Ebek catch 1.565kg and 1405, they managed to take home RM10, 000 and RM4, 000. Prizes were presented by the Chairman of the State Public Utilities and Infrastructure Minister Datuk Mohd Adib Za'abar. 

Also present were NST Group Editor: Datuk Mior Kamarul Shahid; Dungun District Officer Datuk Abdul Rahman Mustopa; the President of the Council of Bukittinggi, Aaron Mohamad; Coleman UFL managing director Datuk Radha Krisnan and Kuala Terengganu branch TOYOTA Manager, Zulwari Abdul Wahab.

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