Pulau Batu Berhala Raided

Secret Singapore participants successfully solved local players in all competitions Royal Pahang International Challenge 2011 in Kuala Rompin on Sunday. If the seven series of similar events previously seen players dominate the podium the neighboring country, the situation changed in Rompin when the hit was a real hotbed of local skipper captured.

A group of increase of anglers fishing near Pulau Batu Berhala appears behind him.
 Secret Stone Statue of the hit on the island that lasted about an hour and a half trip from Pier Village Beach Bernas, revealed when all the big power boat to get there.
Using a speed of about 15 to 20 knots, was only able to sink real destination because of the cost of oil-rich angler boats can only RM1, 000 for a two-way trips using two engines, each a capacity of 150 horsepower or more.

Boats with engines are able to get there early and be there longer, thus giving the advantage to participants compared to other boats smaller engine capacity

There are proposals from among the participants to the organizers the line fishing may be, but as usual, it is difficult to do because the purpose and concept of the satisfaction RPBIC besides fishing all fish is discharged again. 

Therefore, the proposal to limit the boundaries of taking participants fishing fishing in Pulau Batu idols will definitely negative reaction among anglers.
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