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Three Nights Searching For Treasure Off The Coast Of Bintulu Central Luconia 

FOR hardcore anglers and berpoket thick, explore the waters of the sea either Malaysia or overseas can be a problem as long as they give a return commensurate with satisfaction.

PARTICIPANTS with Tekong Jamal (green t-shirt)
content Back at the trip four days, three nights in Luconia,
Bintulu, Sarawak, recently.
More recently, the writer received a phone call from Haji Badrolsham or better known as Skipper Badrul from Sarawak. Haji Badrolsham invite our gang to fish again in the waters off Sarawak. Thus disahut invitation with enthusiasm.

So we Arise hardcore anglers like Dr. Raof; Dr Ikram; Dr Hashim; Tajudin Asia; Abuya; Nasir; Haji Azmi and Mustafa. Not forgetting, Jefri; Nasarudin Pari; Pete; Mohd Shah Wali; Nizam and Ah Chuan. 

The proposed location is the Central Luconia this time off Bintulu, Sarawak. We arrived in Bintulu Airport welcomed friend Badrul, that Jamal and some friends. 

We then left for a distance of Bintulu port 23 kilometers (km) from the airport. 

Bintulu town is located 650 km from Kuching, and about 215 km from Sibu or Miri. The city is thriving with natural gas resources off the coast of Sarawak.

On arrival at the port, boats 70 feet in length Jamal and the width of 16 feet began to move away from the jetty at about 4 pm heading to Central Luconia located about 75 nautical miles from the Bintulu Port jetty.

Boarded a boat full of facts we do not feel fear to venture off the coast Luconia. This is because the boat has sonar equipment, global positioning system (GPS) and communications communication devices to communicate with the maritime authorities if there is a problem. 

With speeds of around seven and eight knots, the skipper of the guided assistant Azmi and Zaidi, travel six hours to the location is very entertaining until we reached the first sink with a depth exceeding 100 meters. 

At this location, bait squid and frozen tuna dicangkuk content to a large hook attached weight to the size of 18 base techniques. It is obvious when one by one potent red fish, grouper, mother Bream, kaci with a scale of four kilograms of alternating raised. 

The next day, Jamal Tekong brought us to sink the target of the Central Luconia which saw Dr Raof the title 'Dr Raof Kaigen' after the electric reel (engine Bangla) brand Kaigen often pulled seafolk luconia. 

Badrul Skipper is just as good when jorannya curved 'U' grabbed the fish. Well, a scale of six kg of red fish can be raised. 

Other anglers on the front like Dr. Ikram, Abuya, Tajudin Asia, Jefri, Mustafa and Azmi also raise their own fish. While the co-author Dr Hashim, Nizam Shah Wali, Pete and Ah Chuan, who was in the back also received extraction. However, it is not as great as the fishing friends on the front. 

At one point, a boom Nasarudin have a very strong extraction to many anglers concentrate on the surroundings. 

Bangla new reel purchased can not be crammed in a strong hold of the victim, although the drag is tightened to the point of near maximum. 

He was clearly shocked when reading the rope had already reached 120 meters. However, the main rope is poured out to last more than half an hour before the victim a large, managed to escape. 

On the third evening until 2 am, we had a go at last sink path leading back to the jetty Bintulu. 

We continued our fishing until the last minute. Noisy atmosphere each time the fish was raised to be a substance abuse when it is raised fish anglers 'shoes' and small fish to another. 

Dr. Hashim nicknamed the 'yellow king' when he was frequently raised yellow fish. Nasir was almost lost when jorannya rod until the fish dragged the rod close to the date and plunged into the sea. Luckily, writer and Pete realized and continue to scream at him. 

Then, around 2 am, the skipper ordered us to raise fishing rod and end the session for this time. 

We had to rush home to get to the jetty before 6 o'clock in the morning due to the size of our boat easily stranded if late.

By Toskhan
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