No Bait Secrets

A loaf of bread diced catfish subdued Lake Titiwangsa

(From left) Ithnin, Bustaman, Nasir, Supangat, Mizal, Azila and Palanisamy
Opening the Curtain 2012 prize,
Lake Titiwangsa on Sunday.
"NO bait and all the secrets of leveraging a loaf of bread without added diced flavored liquid to tame catfish in Lake Titiwangsa," said Supangat Tasemat, 48, who won the competition Curtain Rods 2012 Fishing Opener, held at the Park Lake Titiwangsa, last Sunday. 

With catch catfish weighing 7.14 kilograms (kg), the technician is able to bring home this cash RM12, 000 and accompanying prize sponsors, thereby defeating some 1,000 participants from around the country. 

Overwhelmingly present fishing.
Second and third place owned Ithnin Ahmad Rani, 43, and Azila Aziz, 42, each with toman weighing 6015 kg and 5655 kg. They took home RM4, 000 and RM2, 000 and accompanying prizes. 

Gifts delivered Titiwangsa Lake Park Supervisor, Bistaman Che Long and Special Projects Manager Star, Mohd Rizal Mizal. Also present, Publisher TV3 Rods Tour Program, Executive journalist Nasir Yusof and Rods, Nasir Abdul Wahab. 

Supangat said he did not expect a simple feedback taken from his home in Desa Petaling, near here, succeeded in persuading the catfish species known for its cuisine tempoyak it. 

Chill out weekend with beneficial activities.
"The recipe I only use digumpal bread slices on a hook fist rambai and then thrown about 30 meters."No sooner than 10 minutes after the air horn sounded, I received a meal from the victims who were interested in a slice of white bread that seems stuck in the rope the other anglers. 

"No wait any longer I keep snapping rods and then realized that the fish was caught on hook and then the fight happened almost five minutes. Finally a successful catfish landed successfully, "he said, came from Java, Indonesia and living in this country for almost 20 years. 

Commenting on the win money, Supangat said, some money will be used for the expenses of his son. 

"Provision in favor of the new year seems to me and my family. The victory was of course to those who are tired of supporting me during these fishing enthusiasts," he said, who also won the category Catfish and brought home RM300 cash. 

Meanwhile, Ithnin found also grateful for this second time he received the prize from the competition with a row since 2010 in the same location. 

"They say things many times early new year that will never obtained by fishing competitions organized by the Unit Star Rods are still relevant today. 

"All this may be the strategy I use catfish bait when involved toman appear and then held out the bait capture prey," he said, who also won the category Toman and place when Category Soon Hock in the competition for the concept of clean sweep. 

Azila the third winners get cash of RM2, 000 after raising 5655 kg toman. 

"I've also assisted her husband and the next fishing contest is more like fishing," he said. 

Opening Curtain Rods Fishing Competition 2012 is an annual event that marks Carnival GP starting with the first round of Rods at the Beach Princess, early March. 

During the event, 52.8 kg of different fish species such as belida, jelawat, snakehead, soon hock, catfish, king, tilapia and toman successfully landed nearly 1,000 participants. Fish tongsan driving and failing to increase the participants this year. 

Among the sponsors of the success of the tournament opener was TCE Tackles Co., Ltd., Universal Fitness & Leisure (UFL-Coleman) and Nestle Product Sdn Bhd (Nestle / Maggi).

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