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What do you know about fish BELIDA?

I say unique because belida fish body shape different from other fish. No other local fish identical with it, if as for the closest possible TAPAH. With a wide jaw, His mustache and a flabby stomach, the difference is significant.

She has black spots on her body are beautiful.
Belida is a thin fish when viewed from above, thinner from carp. May at first sight we say it is not large. Actually belida expansion is not limited to fish.

Two main features belida is connected with the dorsal caudal and forms the tail. We can say that the anal fin tail also belida. If we look at belida, how the movement is 45 degrees. Head will be tilted 45 degrees downward. This is the effect of cyclinganal fin is pushing forward.

Anal fin movement in the water like flags blown wind and reply to every reflection of light upon it. The scientific name and the name in English taken in conjunction with the beauty that is in belida fin. The word 'notos' comes from the Greek meaning behind and 'Pterygion' is fur.

Belida are fish from the clupeiformes, bodies such as herring. Other fish included in this group is the fish knife (Chirocentrus dorab) and anchovies (Stelophorus commersonii). Kelisa is known between the fierce local fish from this group.

There are two common species belida found in Peninsular Malaysia. The smallest are Notopterus notopterus. Normally found in small rivers, swamps or mine. His mouth is shorter than Notopterus chitala. Distance dorsal fin and the head more closely, the Malays Kelantan in the north and the fish called the straits. I still remember This fishing on the River excavation, Perlis as a child. I am very impressed with a silvery color on his body. Every day I must get straits, most not even one for a look at his body when radiation it moves.

Straits easily caught fish using worms or shrimp bait. They are usually in groups, if there is a, we know down there much more. One by one will swallow the bait from a until a slip of fish hooks. Our game will be shocked and afraid to eat the bait. It is better to leave the area looking for other. In the old mine in Subang and Puchong (which sadly has now been piled buildings and housing) I use 6lb leader over 6 inches, point number 10 attached to shrimp or shrimp crickets of life.

Every time I get to go fishing for more than 20 pieces. Match is not so good as the fish will follow only
when the reel is rotated. Only the beginning of grazing only fun, fishing rods bend Steak Ugly when they killed the bait.

For a great and thrilling game, I suggest you look for Notopterus chitala. For hunting requires patience and effort can not be said lightly. Large type can only be found in rural areas or large rivers.

I travel in our country have found my place occupied by this giant, Lake Cenderoh and Kenering in Perak, most Muar River and Lake Bera. There is also the part of the river in Pahang and Selangor, but very difficult to found. I find it based on the knowledge of the local population. One reason for extending relations with the inhabitants of rural or village.

Belida two species that are not on our country is belida the a 'flower' or mark on the bottom of the body leads to the tail. But lately it has been found mainly in the mines. One species comes from Thailand and one other species derived from Indo-China. Species from the Indo-China more beautiful and attractive.

Fishing techniques Belida
Belida like the river water in the water regardless of flow slow or fast. Pool area is also inhabited by fish. It usually lives in the search policy snails and small fish. Belida how to swim is inclined 45 degrees with the head pointing below.

Belida very good vision, probably because his house is always dark. I say that based on belida aquarium. During the day belida inactive and slow movement. Night when the lights closed will be heard fish aquarium water play and the next day children small fish such as perch and 'guppie' missing or dead.

What is the best bait for belida? I have four favorite bait, shrimp, perch, climbing perch and small snakehead. The best bait is fresh water shrimp.

His eyes are bright red to give the best results in water dark. This should be live shrimp and prawn fish bought from a shop will give unsatisfactory results. If belida not affect shrimp we serve, the other fish such as carp, sunshade and kalui will arrest. So we will not be understated.

The best equipment for fishing is to use the sinker belida at the bottom. However it depends on the current, live rock often used in slow moving water such as lakes and mine. For grasslands medley at the bottom, use the stone of life and extended up to 4 feet of leader. Place buoys in the middle-middle so that the bait was in the middle of the water. This delightful fish see the bait.

Belida rontaannya is a strong fish, by the use of hook right is important. Daichi and Mustad brand is the most appropriate choice. I usually use 20lb leader and 15lb main line. This is can be considered minimal. Equipment capacity should be increased in accordance with water conditions and fish. For better opportunities, use of catgut scratch-resistant. Belida game with time-consuming and environment
filled with stone and wood. Rope that I use is' Maxima Chemeleon, Tortue, Daiwa Samurai Crystal Clear and Green '. Color line is not important belida nest in the swamp because of darkness.

Belida Giant
To which belida can grow? We often see pictures of fish weighing 3-5kg. Small size but it can provide a match great and interesting. En experience. Ismail during a trip to Kuala Lipis may be give. He found an old man at a stall in the who told her side of the road there is a large river belida his backyard. Such information is usually more we heard, but mostly to no avail. Ismail decided to try his luck using freshwater shrimp bait.

Fish of this size is never a week to eat again.
After an hour wait, finally the bait has been eatenThe battle lasted more than an hour. He had to jump on the boat and follow the fish to avoid getting tangled in the rocks and submerged wood in there. The time he landed he was aware of the new fish a wet sweat shirt, and his hands trembling, weight reduced number of pounds. Reach 10kg in weight. Belida biggest ever caught my knowledge is from Lake Kenering, weighing 25kg. This fact was found in 1985. as always no evidence was complete. This fact is not wrong according to my experience had seen during the 2-3 foot belida splashing around in the dam Temenggor. But not a lot. In areas along the 5-foot giant snakehead, kalui weighing 10kg and 7kg harassment, this is not impossible. Belida, one of the largest local fish, are going to extinction. Get fish weighing 7kg is very good luck. Now get fish weighing 3kg is considered large. Belida can be considered gems of local fish in appearance and matches. Belida track is an interesting and not boring.

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