Red KELAH breeding now so livelihood

It takes a long breeding period. But very good.

HOBBY complain rearing has become a lucrative source of income entrepreneurs in Jerantut, Pahang after control techniques to tame valuable species like the golden past five years

Red Kelah.
"Although it takes a long time to grow, but the results are worth it. We need a lot of patience. The price could go up to RM250 per kg. 

"Now, fish are not to be eaten alone, but complain of red (Tor tambroides) enters a new era as the most prestigious of ornamental fish," said Wan Wan Ngah Rukman. 

He is also fondly Keman, 45, is in Kampong fish farmers complain Mat Daling, Jerantut, Pahang. 

He said the need to tame the wild mahseer first and must be defended with other types of fish to make them easier to grow. 

He said, not too hard to tame the wild mahseer, but it requires expertise and effective management."Son of complaint common in this river, especially after the rainy season and only child complain of three to four inches in size was chosen because it is most suitable to be transferred as a cage," he said. 

He said, children may complain dijala swift water near the rapids and rocky as the place to gather at the River Kembir favorite around the village. 

He said if the hard casting, he often will Normally, 30 to 50 animals can be in one day. 

Kelah raised with sunshade that serve as fish decoy.
"This complaint is a wild child. This nature will not be touched cause of food given.

"As such, it has to be tamed first. As a decoy, river carp (Puntius schwarefeldii) or shade (Puntius daruphani) should be raised with him, "he said. 

Keman said, typically, a little charge will take three years to reach market weight of two to four kilograms. 

He has over five years to rear complaint said, the original habitat should be maintained to ensure the success of the livestock. 

Cages should be placed in the area have current and cold water with the most suitable water temperature between 25 and 27 degrees Celsius. 

With the success Keman, it is evident that the iconic red complain as King of Freshwater Fish reared in cages capable as commercial fish farming and thus capable of generating huge profits for farmers and river fishing across the country. 

"It takes a long breeding period. But very good, "he said. 

He now admits there are 200 pieces of red complain available for sale.

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