Preparation fishing on the beach

1. Bait for fishing on the beach can be listed as follows:
  • fresh shrimp (live better).
  • Perumpum nest / beach.
  • Sliced ​​fish (bloating, trevally, scad).
  • market squid (cumit appropriate).
  • Squid octopus.
  • Child mullet.
  • Fish mouth like goggle eyes, bleary water, feathers, bamboo and lotion rencang.
  • crab wind / kid rock crab.
  • Bread for large mullet bait.
  • Roti canai / chicken to fish nails.
  •  Mussels, clams, mussels and other shells fill.

2. Can determine the size of the sinker throw distance. But make sure that the stone used can be accommodated by the rod tip when the throw is made. If not, the rod tip at the beginning throw frangible. Stone size can also be determined by tidal conditions and surfaces. Starting numbers 8 to 12 are the size of a commonly-used beach anglers. Select rock types elongate oval so it's less wind resistance and a current grant.

3. Leaders start with 20 to 60 pounds depending on the strength of main line, hook size, capacity reel and rod strength used. Choose a bright color with a length of leader between 1 to 2 feet. If bebulus fishing on the beach and a half foot leader with 12 pounds of suitable strength.

4. Visit the beach when the wave conditions less water and windy. Make sure no rain before the visit, and the water is almost clear (if the water is too clear, usually less ferocious fish eat the bait).

5. The best time is when the tide is full. At that time, the fish will move closer to the beach. At night, the fish is more effective than daylight. Briefly the most appropriate time is late afternoon until just before dawn. The best is the last before the end of the Maghrib prayer until dawn. In addition, using a long rod not less than 10 feet (3.5 meters) is an advantage. Open reel type and long type gegendung appropriate if the angler wishes to make throw farther.

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