Freshwater Prawns Setiu River, like fishing party

FESTIVAL like atmosphere Giant Freshwater Prawn fishing.

Blogger with your kids want to take the evening wind, plans ready to go out at the Pantai Penarik or Rhu Sepuluh.

Once arrived at the village of Nyatoh along the Setiu, bloggers stunned for a moment to see a lot of people were fishing with his wife and children, like festivals.

Over the River Inui a land lobster.
Arriving at the river, a blogger with the children saw a car stopped after a friend. Apparently This angler, anglers fishing opportunity that is said a lot of lobster in season now.

Looks fishing anglers busy.
After half an hour observing the behavior of anglers here, kids screaming with joy to see a blogger anglers have managed to raise a lobster is about as big as two fingers @ 100 to 150g. Also large size shrimp here. Fun to see the behavior of the children see live shrimp. Completion of the command to buy fishing rods for fishing together.

Fellow blogger who succeed in raising a lobster.
Not long afterwards a fellow blogger also raise another lobster in size earlier. Wow nice to fish with this situation.

For those interested here, if you are from Kuala Terengganu via Penarik beach, it is located on the bridge before the village of Kampung Beris Nyatuh Tokku, ie next to the Traditional Village Massage Center Nyatoh.

Large shrimp can withstand this.
The blogger is hoping cleanliness of the river will continue to wake up, especially from unhealthy elements like activity menuba or any extreme activities like fish bomb, bomb electricity can cause the extinction of wildlife and river and the fish fry and shrimp.

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