Fishing means PARIT (snakehead, catfish)

However, even a parit, do not underestimate the results later.
According to my relentless research, the best way snakehead fishing in lakes, ditches and streams is a lizard bait. This is due to happen a lot of times, it's easy just need to hook just a lizard with no hooks or spring guard and throw and pull as usual lures. You can also pull with slow, snakehead fish are the most difficult to get. If you feel a pull or vibration on the bait, you should not continue rembat or feedback, let the fish attracted quite a while-quite 1 minute then respond. 
This required a new can of fish. If you realize it is too late, your bait has been removed from above the fish's mouth do not worry leave it there (stop winding rope) let the bait fall to the floor of the lake. Let the moment last fish definitely eat your bait back. If you noticed the fish are chasing bait you do not stop winding rope pull, roll as normal. If you see your baited water splash (if bait in pull on the surface of the water) do not directly reply, reply when feeling attraction. The best way to make the throw is an area with little or no small fish playing in the water. This is because if there is a big fish small fish will get away from there.
Fishing for catfish also you can also use a lizard but a better long worms and other soft plastic disposable good long worms. Make sure there is lead (sinker). Gently pull the bait on the river bottom. This type of fish will eat the slow @ spoiled, so you are advised to continue to respond if you feel bait eaten.

For fans of fly fishing / fly fishing you can also try the ditch. Based on my experience in the trenches fishing tackle fly more fun because a lot of small fish such as climbing perch chasing bait. Should preferably use a ketch hook.

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