Patin fish bait and fishing rods Technique

Patin fish bait and fishing rods technique is appropriate for the title this time around, so threatened to pull Patin fish anglers fish like this one to satisfy the anglers, but also not a little less anglers know catfish bait and fishing techniques appropriate from there I want to share my experience to you.

Patin fish fishing network usually uses buoys and usually use 1 or 2 small hooks size. Because Patin fish do not have a big mouth. Only need to use a small wire and drowned nikelin or kenur pilot / Lider, spool sizes and weights small tin.

The thing to remember, when you prefer to use the float is short hooks up to the bottom of the river or pond so that the bait can touch base.

Patin fish fishing tackle technique

First bond angle to nikelin / kenur drive over 5-7 cm, then the nikelin or kenur drive (when there are two, both) tied to the spool.

The spool previously tied to the main strings, do not forget to enter the main kenur timah weights. Make sure the timah weights used is a vent in the middle type (timah melinjo) until timah can move freely in the main strings.

Once the timah is inserted, tie strings to the main spool connected to a hook. After fishing network, so use the rubber stopper on the main strings as guardian so that timah is not going too far from the spool. Distance of 5 cm is usually sufficient enough.

Once the bait thrown installed, make sure the strings are in a straight line between the angler and bait. No need to pull the strings so tight, just let quite loose until the strings floating on the water to form a line. When fish strike, the angler will see a line that goes from the strings on the water is moving.

Patin fish will not take the bait in a one-time jolt, so the strings move a few seconds quickly jerk your rod. When the hitch will cause the bait released by fish and missed your catch.
Patin fish will feel fun when caught with small strings. To start measuring 8-12 lbs recommended strings, for a fight techniques like "tarik-ulur" recommended using a measuring string 2-6 lbs. 

Do not forget to drag the customized settings to measure the strings. The first shock is not going to make big catfish fight aloud, you usually will feel heavy, but getting to the edge of a cliff so the fish will begin to "mengamuk".

Need to use the Sauk to lift the catch.
Be careful, a sharp jolt of small Patin fish can decide to string string string. When the fish is near and ready to be lifted, prepare to unload fish intake. Remember not to hold the rope when lifting the fish want to disauk. When using small kenur, how children want disauk Patin fish will usually fight hard and most likely break.

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