Collect Income Revenue Streams Flood Season

Rains and overflowing Golok River flooded much of the area resulted in many lost their livelihood especially rubber tappers. 

For groups such as those affected by the change of seasons, the provision should continue to be sought and a number of them trying to catch fish with a seine, nets and fishing. 

A resident takes advantage of casting the
fish in a river that flooded flooding
Rantau Panjang recently.

What's more inland fish prices soared this season due to high demand.

I vote along Jalan Rantau Panjang ~ Pasir Mas here find many of the villagers of all ages took the opportunity to take advantage of the flood. 

A rubber tapper , Mat Jidin Tea, 51, ​​said the activity was done 10 years ago and every time a flood occurs.

"No can do other things if the flood so I 'll take the nets and fishing to find fish here and support my family." 

"If you are diligent and patient, many fish can be like catfish, perch, kaloi, catfish and other types," he said here recently . 

Sungai Golok is indeed very rich in diversity of fish, so every time the rainy season, it can be captured easily and sustenance not only enough for their family but also for sale. 

Another rubber tappers, Rozaidah Solomon, 48, said his family rubber plantation also flooded causing him to turn to fishing activities to earn money.

"I can not tap rubber this time, instead of wasting time better because fishing can be sold." 

"No person shall purchase no reason why I can cook for our needs at home," he said. 

In addition to residents, some young men from other districts also took the opportunity to come here to fish. 

Azman Md. Noor, 30, of Waterford said, every flood season he will not miss the opportunity to fish here because it is his hobby. 

"It's like this why not go to the river just sitting by the roadside while fishing and you can get a lot of fish," he said.

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