Mencandat squid (Squid Jigging) is a traditional method that does not use modern ways. Mencandat squid also have happy of its own. In the state of Terengganu have various methods commonly performed by local fishermen to catch squid. One of the most interesting and is mencandat, namely using special equipment called Candat. In the market now have various types and brands Candat made going the current situation. There are several musical Candat name is commonly used among Candat Twist, Candat Shrimp, Candat bait, and several types Candat Buntai again. Tools Candat is hook up with ten points or more attached to the tin and package with a colored cloth warni, but now hooks decorated with artificial bait shrimp fry or shiny plastic, rather than the traditional tools known as Candat Candat twist. Suitability Candat with squid to be caught should also be taken into account. Here we emphasize the capture / mencandat squid torok, cumit-cumit, ketupat and squid because the needle only way mencandat squid mengabang, squid and octopus frog little difference there.


At the end of March to July, the season is the most appropriate to capture / mencandat squid because strong winds northeast monsoon season in South China Sea since subsided, the squid mating and egg-laying season will start. This means squid-sea squid is far from the first visit to certain places to nest, especially around the waters near Pulau Kapas Terengganu, Pulau Bidong, Pulau Redang and a few other places. When mencandat season arrived, the waters around Kemaman, Paka, Dungun, Merchang, Marang, Kuala Terengganu, Stone Raft and Penarik like partying with kerlipan Fluorescent lights are installed at every night. Fluorescent lights that berkerlipan presence was aimed at attracting the attention of the squid are spawning in the area to gather and play in the area around the light lit the lamp. Normally time mencandat squid start dusk and dawn when the lift stopped.

Provision will increase if a person who finds the squid spawn, where millions gathered and squid spawn in one place. This place is also known as "Crate Squid". Squid pen is inhabited by millions of squid are not fish it because there is a level of pampering is too Dietary strong that they take of them (the people). If there is even fish fish Tenggiri, lakes or sharks that are outside the surrounding area to eat is squid. Candat twist in the way the most effective one, with the method appolo, Candat tied two or three on Mainline. Candat normally not revealed until the existing policy to stick to the squid Candat.

Mencandat squid usually done when the full moon rarely full because when the squid move independently, there is also in the way that mencandat because it does not target a specific place such as cuttlefish pen or in the surrounding area. Sometimes also get a lucrative results. However, squid caught in the full moon larger than the size caught in darkness. Instead, the size of the body fat will turn to long after the full moon. In time dark months more appropriate because the lights are installed will attract squid to approach the light.

A skilled pencandat will install three or four Candat on a rope. Each pencandat can obtain between 200 to 300 pound squid mencandat overnight if they indulge in the barn.


1.Candat Twist-twist Candat usually made from tin as ballast, it also placed the combed matakail under it. Usually it is equipped with eight or more matakail which functions as a hanger squid. Dibaluti body with the cloth is usually white / red, white / green and white / blue. How to use it is enter directly from the talisman to Candat chili bound from Mainline. No need to use perambut. When Candat down, doing interesting actions and menghulur into the water disuluh Fluorescent lights. Squid will be interested in showing the movement of food and Candat menyambarnya. At that time, continue to delight and will menyentap rope attached to the hook. Candat twist for torok squid, cuttlefish and ketupat needle. Candat twist is also suitable for squid and squid mengabang frogs when you are in the area unjam or tukun only.

2. Candat bait - shaped length of steel made from lidi and combed with matakail under it. It is also equipped with eight or more commonly made matakail own. There is also Candat issued by the local company that has two sisir matakail without teracat. How mengunakannya is poked fish as bait. Fish will be injected from the tail up into the mouth of fish and chili disangkut use of the head into the next hole and Candat disangkut again before entering the fish head is close chili. There is another method using a wire tied from perambut and injected with the same method using chili and dibelit wire as pengikatnya. Next Candat just miles can be used with live or ranggung (either made from horn or Tangsi that large) that require perambut between three to five meters long. Candat time using bait, we are encouraged to extend two or three Candat with water depth, meaning a didasar, the second middle of the water and another in permuakaan water. For surface water, the weights need not be used and Ideally use a float. Fish passage, Brief, fish and nuts are suitable to serve as bait. Fish size should not exceed the length Candat.

Shrimp-3.Candat It introduced new or used in UMUN, probably in the last seven years (not sure). Candat is very suitable for mencandat squid mengabang. With a solid form and can balance the body in the water give this advantage Candat attention squid. How to use virtually the same bait that requires Candat ranggung passed on to policy. Normally two or three feet from the seabed.

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