Perumpun bait or umpun-umpun quite popular for all anglers because of its ability to use common trap many species of fish and shrimp in either salt water or fresh water in our country this. But for new anglers may not know they will 'power saktinya' when looking exact species of worms that pink is menggeletek geli when disentuhnya. Hence, it was time to poke a little information regarding natural bait award universe.

Perumpun worms or salt water is a group of invertebrates that are actually almost the same type of brother, the earthworms in the garden or banana behind our home. However, a soft shape and reach up to 30 centimeters long and has legs like centipedes, making this species is different with many of the existing earthworms.

Habitat for this species can be found in the muddy areas covered by mangrove trees in coastal or Nipah and they nest in the mud itself. Equatorial climate in the country, there are several species perumpun used for bait fish or a certain field according to their provocation. Perumpun this perumpun including sand, red and reach.
This bait respective parts, perumpun sand - fish bolos, gelama and nine. Reach - bur fish, jenahak, jengah and pig and red perumpun - lobster and fish baung.
Hence, how to find them to be submitted to the expert tracks when low tide in the mangroves where the nest can be identified to see piles of stool land area berlumpur. Sarangnya will dikorek hoe or use a special deep penyedok approximately one meter and then pull slowly to prevent his body broken.

To use this bait, hook appropriate to the size required to transplant perumpun involved the cut about one to two centimeters.

Tip for bait is durable do you cut off the head first and start from the tail a little and if not exhausted in the former save originally put in place and that this teduh. Now, bait perumpun easily found in shops or on the street rod fishing locations in the price between RM5 to RM6 according to its contents.

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