Sea legs are not safe for fishing

Every time menjengah monsoon season arrives, there are stories about death due to drowning dihanyut flood because negligent attitude of the people their children, or their refusal to comply with instructions issued by the authorities moved.

Death due to flooding should be instructive example to all walks of life to enhance supervision over children and other children that do not take security aspects when considering casual.

Death is not denied but the commandment of Allah is not trivial safety grounds look like child's play let water flood at will but always remind ourselves that hold Malay saying, `remember before kena '.

Very important for us to give attention to children, they play in the excitement of water activities are considered as normal during the flood season, but the truth is, we do not know what will happen. How much can be done for parents faced with children who like playing red water flooding with always giving advice and reminders about the dangers if not carefully.

At the same time, parents or guardian shall monitor the movement of children in the flooding season. Not, when you have tripped, new to terngadah.

Should, after a security guard working families through well taken, banyakkan pray that apply distanced from bad things and facing unexpected given patience flood.

For some foot rod, monsoon became such a favorite to go out fishing because this claim when the big fish out. Advise them not too concerned about catches and at the same time security ignored.

They should remember the tragedy every time upon arrival monsoon season, fishermen are missing or have died because their boat hit a wave. In fact, until now the story of a fisherman in Mersing, Johor lost five years ago still have not found.

Should be in monsoon season, is the best time for the rest of the foot rod down to the sea. Possible to sit at home all the equipment to clean or repair all damaged fishing boats and others. If too gian to fishing, they may visit the commercial pond, lake or mines far more safe or less risk.

Similarly, avoid fishing in the river have current heavy because tebingnya unstable especially when in the rain. At the boom that easily avoid using the thunderbolt struck (information can be found in shops selling fishing equipment).

To those who take the opportunity to install or trawl nets during the flood, must be careful. They know the location or seharus pool to be installed trawl, if it can avoid dangerous places like Reba wood, the rapids and others.

We also forget is conducting water and electricity if flooding submerged homes, residents affected by the possibility of electric shock due to very large electrical plug or a submerged cable is disconnected there is the possibility of causing an electric current can flow in the water.

If spotted electricity pole fell and submerged in water or have the cable line Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is interrupted, the quick online relationship service TNB (15454) is to avoid the electric shock victims.

Disaster in the flood season can be avoided if we are aware of the latest information delivered authorities whether in radio, television, newspapers or Internet, and ready to move when the command is issued. We should abide by good words bak saying, 'Malang odorless.

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