Avoid wearing rings when fishing rocky

WEARING rocky whether sapphire ring, emerald, ruby, rock grass, timber bags, etc. has its own privileges and the user looks gah.

However, if you wear when fishing .... you may be returned with empty hands. True or not, decide ... it is also possible kebetulannya.

For a hardcore anglers, Suffian Mohd Hassan from Malacca, he has experience with wearing rings fishing rocky grass and wood bag, where no arrests obtained when following the track trip charge in Lubuk Kaloi, Taman Negara Kuala Koh, recently.

Not only he, could not catch any ... even some friends who also attend the trip home with empty hands. Are satisfied, including many bait ripe ripe fig, palm and eru ..... used, but no reaction from the king of fresh water.

Similarly disguise, dressed in black and hiding behind trees when fishing complain, but still failed. In fact, the trip that no one knows whether anglers fish obtain complaint, Lampam river, or kerai Kejor.

After review, a fisherman's ring shows the same shape rugged wooden bags.

Actions that cause a veteran fisherman angry and disappointed, but advises her colleagues not to wear it when it joined the trip in the future.

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