Ustaz tips about red fish

OTHER other people and other people are also various other petuanya. According to independent missionaries, Daud Che Ngah, when fish in the waters of Labuan, there are certain tips that practiced by the people there. "I'm not sure how fish communicate but according to friends of Labuan, if fish bait twitch red and successfully promoted, never hold the fish." If you love fishing even on your rope, cut it talinya and install a new hook. If you hold the fish is red, there will be no more red fish that will be increased after that, "he said. Ustaz Daud said, may menggelupur when there is a certain sound signals sent to other fish in the water red. Red fish moving group, so when a successful dikail other fish may have realized they lose 'friends'. "Mighty God everything can happen and does not in our thinking," said David who always brought to the boom only when outside the district. He was also fishing in the waters of Pangkor.

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