Fishing Location

Review, survey the location before fishing

MANY anglers action in Malaysia differ from their counterparts in the West. Anglers in the country is doing much research and preparation before going fishing locations.

It is wise if not continue to go fishing at the new location without studying the background of the hole.

Instead, it is wise if you do review it first with some equipment to make observations of fish behavior, the pool and explore the environment.

In short, the more you know the water there, the more secrets will be revealed from the inside.

Anglers in the West will make a detailed review before the session is done fishing. They will bring the paper to which drew in water and in shallow, standing weeds and twigs and the sunlight.

For example, Salvinia and lotus position you should know that there is a favorite species kap.

If you see a small island and Rimbunan grass in the middle of the lake is an indication there a place to gather fish.

It is the habits of fish refuge and shelter in weeds Rimbunan particularly when safety and heat.

Potential your bait to reach the subconscious arrest warrant voucher.

When doing surveys and observations, you will need:

1 Hat-Blouse to the broad head and will protect your eyes from the blazing sun shots and menyilaukan.

2 Teropong - This tool will allow you to detect signs of torque and fish crowds.

3 Footwear - Wear shoes that light, comfortable and really fit and waterproof.

4 glasses - Never leave polaroid glasses at home or in vehicles. Glasses will reduce the glare once it becomes your window to glance into the world's fish policy.

5 Bread - Almost berselera most fish with bread. Sprinkle bread will help you identify the fish in a pool.

Lakar Paper 6 - It is wise if you make a sketch of the hole that was explored to determine the position of a few things done before the actual fishing trip.

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