Lobster fishing and the large fat

PARIT BUNTAR: Kerian River near here is famous for its lobster and a big fat. Dry season like now is an appropriate time to go fishing the blue sepit this.

Content is also delicious and the price makes it expensive attractions whether anglers or fishermen going to the river here although there are many other species such as fish and baung Lampam.

Visit Cikgu Zaidi Salleh and Sir Rustam to Sungai Kerian often result. Usually, the shrimp will become berkilogram Habuan them. There are many places to rent boats to explore the option pool in Sungai Kerian. Jetty between the anglers to be there such as jetties and river Lubok Pangkalpinang Incong other jetty at Sungai Kerian.

Along the way we will see the beauty of natural forests that have not been contaminated. Although the weather quite hot but their more excited to continue the hole menyelongkar secret lobster kerian this. Sometimes the presence of our lively greeted by monkeys who become permanent residents of this river bank.

For anglers that have not been normal here are advised to exercise caution when driving boats because there are many stake stump and neglect. Many incidents reported collisions occur. Just as misguided as the less discerning the consequences of this river.

Bait that is often used here is perumpun Nipah and various other bait. As long as it works, what bait to bring here. In addition, you can also fishing baung using the large worm larva. Lampam fish bait can also be treated using chicken intestine.

Usually every two anglers will use the boom in soft left and right marginal when fishing boat. It is syok lobster fishing. We need a little sentimental and not greedy. Strength of attraction shrimp fish although not as great but it requires skill and proper technique. Is not that common, it would be affected if getuan gian feel spoiled the blue sepit this.

Many lobster successful dipancing. A fairly lucrative revenue makes their smile. Although expose oneself throughout the day but the fishing satisfaction sepit blue Sungai Kerian give a thousand satisfaction.


UMPUN-UMPUN best bait in Sungai Kerian. Fishing time is late afternoon, early morning or night.

Lobster season

End and beginning of the year is the busiest time for lobster fishing. Lobster season is often equated with rubber fall leaf season. Or during the summer (dry) in the West Coast. At the Peninsula, a lot of lobster in Sungai Muda (Kedah). Sungai Kerian and Sungai Perak (Perak). Bernam River, Sungai Selangor and Tanjung Karang (Selangor). Linggi River (Malacca). Sungai Muar, Sungai Johor, Sungai Sedili, Sungai Mersing River and Mawai (Johor). Sungai Endau, Sungai Pontian, Sungai Rompin, Sungai Merchong, Sungai Pahang and Sungai Kuantan (Pahang). Sungai Kemaman in Terengganu, Sungai Paka, Dungun River, River and River Nerus setiu.

Lobster fishing using small boats usually with two or three anglers. Popular bait - umpun-umpun, gapi fish, chicken liver and shrimp child. Time memancingnya early morning, evening and night.

Please drop your fishing if the mother shrimp spawn it continues to provide opportunities for breeding.

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