Shallow Water Fishing Technique

Freshwater Fish

When fishing in the pond or lake is shallow water for small fish such as tilapia, carp and small haruan is more efficient when using a lightweight rod set of 'spinning'.

Boom that can handle the weight of rod string 4 to 8 pounds, with kekili (reels) matching allows you to use gewang small size 3 to 7 g and a small bait. Therefore, bait (baits) or gewang be thrown far enough to the target. Action against the fish even more satisfying when we use a lightweight rod set.

When rope is used in fine, this will usually make more ferocious fish eat bait. Gewang will also move more mengiurkan! As a guide, the following equipment is commonly used for fishing or swimming mines for small to medium sized fish:

Daiwa Feeder boom, 12 feet, the rope 2 to 6 pounds
Joran Seahawk Ocean Tycoon, 7 feet, the rope 6 to 12 pounds
Kekili (reels) Daiwa BG 13, rope 4 pounds
Kekili (reels) Shimano Stradic 2000, bond 2.5 pounds
Kekili (reels) Shimano Sedona 4000, bond 6 pounds

Usually the equipment above it can land the most fish ponds including toman size up to 3 kg, 5 kg and Pacu kap grass up to 8.5 kg!

However, if you are less experienced menanggani large fish with thin rope, please use the rope lenih gross size 6 to 8 pounds. If your skills are increased, you may buy the bond is more delicate. It should be noted that thin rope more easily damaged, so you should check regularly. If the rope became rough due to friction, and was immediately cut the ties. This is to avoid biting your fingers when competing with large-sized fish.

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