Panen Lobster

Stories from Indonesia about Freshwater Lobster trap technique - which we call here as a lobster. For non-understand, please refer to the Niazor. MOH our Terai kat Sg or Sg Pahang Kuantan ...

Many techniques developed in this fresh water lobster harvest. With our understanding of this behavior lobster so many ways that we can capture to enlarge.

Flow Trapping

Flow Trapping is a technique commonly used to harvest the large pond with the flow because Trapping can menghemat time to catch lobster that will dipanen. Flow Trapping is usually done at night with the hope of morning catches have been able to dipilah (Sort). Nature of the lobster continue to search more fresh water from the pond water is made flow Trapping can be done.
Equipment required to perform flow Trapping:
1. Penampung lobster box to be in the arrest about 30cm high.
2. Board with about 10-15cm wide and 50cm long.
3. Aeration
4. Water hose

At Trapping water flow will be made available on the pond until we derived 2cm tall and seek also removed from the pond. Then we place the box that will be penampungan this side of the pond-side. Total penampung can be tailored to the swimming area. To measure swimming 2m2 Trapping flow 2 can be placed on both sides different. Board glider was placed on one side with a form such as a surfboard or commonly referred plosotan. Board attached to the edge of the box should be a little more into the box with purpose when the lobster could fall into the box. In the box we placed a penampung the aerator to prevent lack of oxygen in the box penampung.

Once we install flow traping, with plans to end our water alirkan surfboard until water flows down to the swimming policy through the board. With fresh water or new water flowing into the pond so the lobster has instincts find fresh water will follow the existing water resources. Because the water flow from the board will attempt to climb the lobster to the water resources. At the lobster has been achieved on board the lobster so this will fall into the city.
To prevent blurred back to the lobster pond water so that the box is not too high. Because the water continues to flow into the pond drainage holes should also remain open to prevent water full back.
Rat trap

Harvest mouse trap because this bid form similar to the common rat trap we do in our homes. However, this trap door for us to replace it with funnel-like mouth bottles with the aim of lobster that can not be out in return. Traps can also be used as a tool by selecting pemilahan huge holes that match the size lobster that we want.
As bait to lobster into a trap we can use Keong mas or fish that has been baked aroma that can be triggered to eat lobster. So that bait can be effective it must lobster dipuasakan 1 day before. And that is the bait traps should be enough until the bait has been eaten lobster is still available for the other.

Harvest by rat trap does not need this water swimming dikuras or reduced. And for more effective, traps can be installed for every one square meter and the time intervals each hour we can lift it to remove the trapped lobsters. But if we do not have time we can do so by putting it in the morning and at night dipanennya.

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