Hold breath, do not move when the snake want to achieve

Often we forget or do-do forget things when fishing safety. Danger is always there around without realized, especially for anglers who like jungle trekking and river estuaries Depkominfo throughout Malaysia. Mostly not emphasizing their personal safety. Medical equipment "First aid" must be brought together during jungle trekking to fishing as a first step before referred to the doctor.

Space this time to discuss tips for snake venom can be fatal to the victim. For senior citizens Mat Ali Siku from Kampung Kuala Pah, Kuala Kelawang, Negeri Sembilan can offer expertise and unsurpassed snake is not surprising given he was nicknamed Snake Pak Ali.

Recognize acquire knowledge through dreams snake, senior citizens aged 73 years is often called the home if neighbors are not invited guests visited it. According to him, never played with the snake because it can cause disaster if exultant brave.

Ability to catch various species of poisonous snakes like cobra Tedung, Calloselasma, python and many more talk to villagers. Message to anglers who like fishing at night if encounters with venomous snakes such as cobra or snake Tedung axes do not move the body and can hold if breathing.

Venomous snakes such as cobra Tedung senses can detect prey with heat blown. Usually the snake will stand ready to achieve, so never test.

Let the snake down to own land and let it go. Message, when through the forest at night, wear rubber shoes that high, because it can protect us from the thigh bitten rattlesnake. If someone bitten snake, with binding cloth or use a strong bond that the bitten.

This way, can slow the venom absorbed into the bloodstream. Breathe with the heart a supreme place in the body of your snake just bitten and the pier that can be issued. Then, must refer to the clinic or medical center nearby.

For those who are often fishing at night, he reminded to be cautious look around before the crane boom conditions.

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