Tip Bait: Children Tebuan Puyu For Fishing, Haruan

Bait insects such as child tebuan simply synonymous with anglers who like fishing puyu, haruan keli or in fresh water areas such as paddy fields, rivers or swamps.

Smells a little rancid or smell quite like the fish that smell to be the main food menu.

Worm like larvae form resembles beluncas and white when he was 'baby' and the color black when mature, found in Clubbing nest.

Typically nest tebuan this can be found at the top of the tree twigs or plant shrubs in the area around the village or jungle.

Form nests, such as jars and grow up to be able to convert to enough adults feared by people who fear he sting by tebuan if disturbed.

For experts who find bait like this, their first perfume or burn nests identified for adults and drove tebuan take his son.

In terms of preparation, bait tebuan fried without oil first with their own recipes such as sour included pieces that lasts much longer and smell as well as seeks out tengiknya.

In the fishing arena, children who are ready to be cooked tebuan will ferment for several days to retain scent. After that, children will tebuan this the hook from head to tail with the hook-sized ten or 11.

According to anglers who use bait is normal, the child is said to effectively stimulate sensory tebuan scaly species such as fish puyu to eat.

He said, should be on hold arrests four finger-sized adults is not uncommon for fans of this bait tebuan children.

Add them again, uncertain climatic conditions present cause why tebuan nests found this difficult.

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