Lobster Livelihood

RIVER Kerian that separates the New Town in the Perak Kerian, a place of living most of New Town residents who live on the edge of river.

The river is so deep lobster and provides income to more than 200 people and holding fishing traps there.

In addition Kelisa gold fish (arowana) are also commonly found in the Kerian River to provide additional fishing.

"Over the past year we arrest an average of more than 100 kilograms of lobster a day and sold between RM30 to RM40 a kg," said Abdul Aziz Mat, 65, specializes in lobster fishing Kerian River 10 years ago.

He said he was normal for three to five kilograms of lobster every time out fishing from midnight to early morning.

When found at the base of river fishermen in Kampung Parit binoculars or also known as Kampung Kubu, Abdul Aziz who is known among his colleagues as an expert fishing lobster, also use traps to catch more shrimp.

"In addition to lobster, I use traps to catch the ship huge fish (Oxyeleotris marmoratus) is a high demand and quite expensive on the market," he said.

In addition bubunya also entered as Tapah and teroboi fish.

According to Abdul Aziz, the right time to stop fishing or lobster traps are at low tide and clear water.

"Giant river prawn, more delicious flavor of lobster, and has its own fans," he said.

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