Livestock Barramundi Fish (Siakap) In Cages Bring Profits

Resident near the River Kakap, Pekan, Pahang make Zainuddin Raja Omar Raja not 'shy' with aquatic life. Love is something new, Raja Zainuddin started looking more challenging activities as a livelihood. "I started going along the river Kakap children to explore the potential of barramundi fish there.

"Even Kakap River also gets its name from the barramundi fish," he said when found in his cage barramundi fish in the river Kakap, Pekan, Pahang.

A visit to the fish cages Zainuddin Raja is one of a series of visits to program Agrochallenge-6 Putrajaya to Farmers' Week organized by the Entrepreneurs Club of Malaysia (INTO). Involved in fish farming barramundi in white on the River Kakap out in 2002, Raja Zainuddin started with just 16 boxes.

He obtained seeds of barramundi fish with three to four inches in size from Terengganu and Johor are placed in floating cages is about 10 feet x 10 feet x 5 feet. Barramundi fish are usually harvested in the months to five or achieve weight about 500 grams (g).

"When we have to pick and menggredkan fish suitable to be marketed around Kuantan. "We sell fresh fish at RM12 to RM16 per kg," he said. Looking at the efforts which lead to good results, some of his friends are interested to work together in a cage fish farming barramundi. In 2005, the result of hard work, Zainuddin Raja along with his friend has a 60 cage barramundi fish.

"Looking at the appropriateness of the fish harvested well received around the theater, we increase the number of cages to achieve the total 60 parcels. "Managing a lot of cages is not an easy job but with a collaborative work between the owner of the cage to facilitate the work," he said. Up to now the site of fish Raja Zainuddin has 234 barramundi fish cages in two different breeding sites.

When asked to share the problems and challenges of rearing fish in cages, Raja Zainuddin said he did not have a big big problem unless the water, barnacles and fish ponds market. This causes them to not put more in the cage to avoid barnacle problems. "Usually more expensive than fish pond fish cages, but it's quite different. "The problem is when users who prefer buying at lower prices do not ignore the quality of fish purchased," he said.

However, to get better quality fish seed, Raja Zainuddin together entrepreneurs working on fish cages Sg. Enterprise snapper this year to produce fish fry. In addition to the Department of Fisheries also offer help through the Care Center Coastal Fish River Kakap to ensure the quality of seeds produced fish.

Turning to the food fish, Raja Zainuddin said his party does not depend on the pellet or trash fish. "Although prices are low, we prefer to use children who do not use fish," he said. What is remarkable Zainuddin Raja pond fish culture has received students from institutions of higher learning for practical training.

Mohd. Akmal Ali students majoring in Agribusiness from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) glad to know and learn about business in the fishing industry. "I intend depth knowledge in various fields of agriculture and fisheries before going into business," he said.


  1. Is this the only suitable site in malaysia or there are many other places that can be utilise to breed thiis specie?Can the fishery dept indentify more places like in Sarawak and Sabah...........we will be very grateful.

  2. Am very excited over this project as i am a fishing enthusiat and have had hrboured the intention to start a suitable fish farm for quite a while either in Sarawak or in Sabah.Lately,my ex-colleagues from the forces have suggested we look into this venture seriously as many of us will be retiring soon.We would like to have more informations to Aqua culture.

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