Tenggiri Astray Island Salang

Endau: After two failed to capture lucrative trip deck struggling with monsoon winds, remnants of the group Blue Tuna Fish, which have at the end of time, once again saw the waters Penyabong, Endau-Mersing. Seeing this mission hopes many species of fish landed.

Author with Pak Johari Abas and (Joe) from Kuala Lumpur Penyabung arrived at approximately 1 am before joining with four other partners, namely Osman, Jamal, and Jafre Mohammad Taib tekong to meet in the fishing village jetty. However, the expedition 'stuck' because the weather is still bad with occasional waves of hard sound oscillation.

Accurate 3-hour morning wind began to poor conditions and involved three stars appear in the gap seen clouds. Quickly, tekong Taib engine and turn left onto the jetty Penyabong to Tulai waters near Salang. In addition to waters inhabited various bait fish, it is rich with the embankment and Mudd.

Use fresh bait sliced squid, we substitute-substitute tetanda raising, child grouper, embankment and jemuduk. Their so fun to not realize barrels Coleman 64 qt brought already filled with fish. Small fish are released back into its original habitat.

Once again, plans for fishing in the Pulau Ambon Island and exhausted when signs of stunted bad weather will come into existence. This led tekong Taib bay area to find shelter away from the village of Salang. Once the anchor down, the wind blows blustery Asia and most anglers choose to sleep and rest due to fatigue.

Osman kekili multiplier that uses rope with 50 pounds to take position behind the boat along with the authors hope to compete with large sharp toothed fish such as fish and Tenggiri barakuda. O hot coffee while breathe, he several times direntap boom but silent in touch almost instantly without ever hour.

Thanks to patience, young people born Drainage Wahit, Muar, was finally able to raise a Tenggiri astray in the bay waters. Although the bay is not a midwife waterfall fishing spot, but the area which we call, Bay End of Night clear result.

Tenggiri a fish weighing six kilograms successfully domesticated, Osman smile because Tenggiri not think the strike cobra live bait he used. While writers and tekong Taib berputih because the rope used perambut fathom five interrupted due to the sharp teeth Kerat barakuda children.

By dawn, the weather improved. At the same time, a group howl fish (big-eyed cobra type) and we seem to change fishing techniques using Apollo white. We can not rest because I'm a doctor is always filled howl once lifted.

Unjam wish to visit in the middle of the sea can be met only for three hours only. This is because the weather changed again and this time worse. After landing several belitung and jemuduk size XL, we had to terminate the expedition because the wind more mad.

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