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Kuala Besut: Along with the oil platform, the great fishing show ft tekong Abdul Ghani Ahmad @ Pak Hitam (pictured), the expert detects subconscious red fish, jenahak, grouper, jemuduk, ebek and others.

Name half a century-old man was not only often playing in the lips foot rod, but interesting package promises extremely lucrative catch, pull up a cause he often ordered.

This is evident until June next, he was already booked foot boat fishing either from the Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang. In fact, anglers Singapore also get service for fishing around the oil platform.

Pak Black said, he was active fishing packages run since 1999 after a friend asked as he then can not take foot rod as less healthy.

"My only real tekong fishermen who catch fish in the waters just the eight nautical miles away from the beach Kuala Besut. However, after the jump tekong field, I continued to move actively offer fishing packages.

"Experience with a wide waters Kuala Besut, coupled with a more than 200 fish size XL hole, I made the choice anglers. People have never complained or gave birth to feel disappointed when I go fishing with, flat-rated praise with catches in the hole that brought, "he said.

Among the favorite location is Coral Area, Coral Wahab, Unjam Pak Black, Karang Haji Rahman, LUBUK 10 minutes and more. Tenggiri even the existence of fish species, grouper, red, ebek, embankment and many more quality fish in the reefs here can give satisfaction to anglers and fishermen in general.

Wooden boats over 50 feet fishermen based in Kuala Besut jetty, usually take more than 12 hours to get to the destination and comfortable with 10 anglers on a trip.

Interestingly Pak Black is, along the main route to the destination, he will stop at some unjam or coral sea to find the bait. If fortunate large fish available.

If you have any anglers want to feel attraction violent large pale red, Pak Itam contact: 019-9403715.

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