Groupers that inhabit the coast of size less than 2 pounds, except that the water in the area. Thus, the appropriate hooks are number 8 to number 10. While 500 grams of grouper to swallow hook number 5 / 0, but due to geographical factors, you are urged to use a small hook. Ropeappropriate leader is between 20 to 40 pounds according to the size of the primary strap. Leader 40 pounds is considered large for the binding point number 10.
Grouper fishing in rocky areas do not need a long leader is too long because it is easy to get caught on the reefs. The most appropriate distance or span of just two of the pendulum. Grouper fishing techniques are usually rocky areas.
But do not throw the bait in a rocky area or let it fall to the bottom. As a result, the hook stuck.
If the water is clear, place bait between the rock (where the light of the dark area) and let the fish out of the stone and pounced on the bait.
Sinker is subject to the throw distance to be made. If the bait thrown at close range, just use a small sinker to sink the bait to the bottom.
If you wish to throw away, a large sinker is needed to reduce wind resistance, especially. For the authors, much more fun to use fishing without a sinker at the edge of the stone. Slice off the feed could sink to the bottom where the current location of the weak. Risk is also a small stone stuck in when using this technique.
Slices of mackerel bait and squid lure the best grouper Epinephelus not choose the beach for bait. What kind of bait in front would be gripped. In addition to live shrimp, sliced fish, you can use the content of crabs or sand crabs, snails or any other content found on coastal shell beaches.

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