SCIENCE .. Fill the monsoon to claim knowledge of the sea

Monsoon seems to have started. During almost two weeks in Johor Bahru, for example, stem Rod is feeling the average daily heavy rain with thunderstorms.

Rod stems not wait too try-try fishing in Kong Kong, Pasir Gudang and Lido Beach, but once the bad weather arrived at the scene. When leaving the house, the weather is nice and bright. This is the scenario of the weather in Johor Bahru is also influenced by the northeast monsoon.

Hear-hear the weather in the Klang Valley and other West Coast states are also uncertain. More rain than the heat. On the east coast, rainfall is projected down to 48 hours.

Stem Rod have experience working in Kuala Terengganu for three years and is anxious and painful when the monsoon season. When it is watered by intermittent heavy rains down a few days. During this season, Rod Stem fellow anglers suggest that seek knowledge.

You can learn to make commitments. You can learn to read the GPS. At the same time, learn how to make full use of GPS as way to mark and track the location. Also, learn to use sonar or fish finder. All hardware is important and should be held to maximize the catch.

Of the skipper on the quay or a base for studying the ocean. How to read water, wind and storm. Not a shame if you claim all this knowledge.

Rod Stem is proposed that from now on anglers no longer have to follow the way the skipper looking deep. But you pay for the skipper to take you to the bottom that you know for sure.

It is not difficult to change this situation. But it provided you have already learned. You need to buy a tide chart. You need to have a chart of oceanography. You need to know where the location of shelf, reef, craters, shipwrecks and other important structures in the water you go.

It is wise if you're ready to learn about the structure of the sea is deep because of certain structures. By knowing all of this is to distinguish the fish in the shoal, the bottom mud or sand, in the dike, coral and others. All structures would also assume different levels of quality and fight.

You also need to learn the skills, knowledge and knowledge of hardware used in fishing. Find out the ideal set of lines and balanced, as well as ability. Increase the strength of ties on hooks and other connection string. Know that own set according to the trip that would be done.

So, for a month or two teachers seek and seek knowledge as much as possible. Science will distinguish you by anglers who know just extend the feed but are not aware of whether the bait was falling at the base of sand or mud.

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