Basic shrimp fishing, take appropriate weight

Various types and sizes of shrimp in the market. You can select as appropriate places. Hooks usually have two kinds of thorny pandan pandan and no thorns.

If fishing in the river, kind of thorny pandan recommended. For the pool, many anglers choose not barbed hooks. Basically hook size from 5 to 8 is suitable for any size lobster.

If you wish a bigger prawn fishing, bigger eyes is needed. Leader for river shrimp is 8 to 12 pounds while swimming 6 lbs.

Kapok seeds can be used for carp fishing. In addition, rice bran and palm kernel is also widely used.

Use basic sinker to the bottom of the sink the bait. Obviously there is no difference in the use of this type sinker. For deep-sea fishing, die sinker type widely used as easily be changed if the current changes.

The use of pendulum of life takes time to tie the leader if you want to change the size.

This type sinker for fishing, which is very sensitive to the bait. When touched the bait, the fish will continue to swallow if he feels no burden on the bait.

The best time fishing commercial fish and shrimp ponds is the morning, afternoon and evening. The time blazing hot weather, the fish became passive and did not take the bait. You also need to listen hard on the bottom of a pool to ensure a satisfactory result of provocation.

Meanwhile, different horizontal reel (multiplier) and vertical (spinnng) is the position of the reel on the rod. Horizontal reel in the rod and the vertical or open type mounted on the boom.

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