Arowana Fish

About Arowana

Asian Arowana (Scleropages Formosus), better known as 'Dragon Fish', has been regarded as one of the King of the World Water as a huge popularity, value and prestige look. The form is unique, beautiful scales, mouthed 'bonytounge' and large scale. Rumors about the mysterious Asian Arowana has been made so special and it has stolen the hearts of many fish lovers.

Arowana fish or fish is also known as Kelisa can be divided into several types. Usually divided according to origin, Asia, Australia and South America. The table below shows the types of arowana and its original habitat.

Arowana Name / Type of Arowana

  1. Asian Arowana (CITES-protected species threatened with extinction) of them were gold Kelisa (Malaysian Golden / crossback / highback), Super Red, Banjar Red Green and Yellow Tail Arowana.
  2. Ausralian Arowana: Pearl Arowana.
  3. South American Arowana: Silver & Black Arowana Arowana.
In addition, Chinese people also believe that this fish can bring good luck and they also believe that this fish is the incarnation of the dragon because the dragon scales similar to scales in Chinese myths. Both the above factors make this a very special fish, and high demand, especially for export to Singapore, China, Japan, Hong Kong and others.

Choosing a Good Fish Arowana

  1. Straight body shape, not bent, and no body parts or bodily defects.
  2. Scales are arranged neatly, not rough and no peeling.
  3. Wide, rounded tail shape, and no ex-bites.
  4. Gill closed and not bent out.
  5. Antennae long and not break.
  6. Eye squint and look crystal clear.
  7. Fish swim grabbing food energetic and agile.

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