Profitable blue Swimming Crab (Ketam Ranjung)

Lucrative revenue derived from the 'new source' makes fishermen in Kuala Muda here could not sleep almost every day. More "blue swimming crab 'to be collected, the higher the potential revenue is collected.

That new revenue sources to local fishermen in the area are excellent security and Bakar Kapor began at 6 am. A fisherman said to be able to land three or four nets into the sea during the big water to get that type of crab. Upon completion of the hold the purse in the area, they should come ashore again.

Work on pulling the net up to the boat was made ​​at about 11.00 am. If lucky, a fisherman can earn between 10 to 15 pounds of crab caught in pukatnya. Azzuyadi Ismail, 37, from excellent security, said he has been studying ways to catch crabs that type more than 15 years ago.

He said the work is done during the trawl and the season is between January and April. Therefore, he explained, there are fishermen who are not willing to do this challenging work. "Usually the blue swimming crab did not like living in places muddy, this kind of enthusiasm once lived in the sand," he said. According to him, his own acquisitive RM1, 000 only in a few days.

"Sometimes we sell itself crabs immediately brought ashore at a price between RM18 and RM20 per kg," he said. However, the price of a blue blue swimming crab are sold at the market more than RM25 per kg. Mohd. Faizal Abdul Rahim, 28, from Bakar Kapor was told, usually he has had only two small crabs but the weight can reach up to one kilogram. "See the style at this time, blue swimming crab to give us good fortune, if it can reap big benefits," he said.
"When the blue swimming crab season just finished, we had to return to the original work of catching shrimp and fish are," he said. Meanwhile, Azmi Shafiee, 55, from Guar Lubak, Padang Serai, said he and his son, Mohd. Anuar, 18, put the crab nets in areas deemed suitable starting at 7 am and must be pulled ashore before at 12 noon.

"There is food, I could continue to push this to the number of crabs that awaits the winner of Fish Landing Endin Lahar, for sale. "Usually, I get RM50 per day for holding the results of this crab nets," he said. He added that he was not worried about the market because some traders are willing to buy at a price of RM16 per kilogram.

According to him, because of work to catch these crabs can make money, he plans to want to buy a new boat engine. "I hope the Area Fisherman's Association (GDV) are here to help in solving this problem," he said. "If they can help, of course, improved income and my family is certainly encouraging," he said.

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