Fishing At Kelong

Builds Kelong Bagan Lalang

FOR eliminate boredom savage can not fish in the sea when the monsoon winds that swept along in some places, especially the east coast, the part of anglers switched to visit a place melampias kelong fishing anxiety.

Fishing in this kelong anglers often preferred because the smell of sea air and the body remains the same but will not be spoiled because of the waves is tossed from a boat.
Relaxed atmosphere, while the mind is more peaceful because there had to be in the belly of the boat at all times while gone astray saddled wave.

For anglers who are concerned, the option to kelong also suitable for bringing the whole family especially the children who should be trained to be a whiz at substituting the head of the family lines should the father is required to be in another location.

Fishing in kelong also very suitable because it is not possible symptoms of a hangover sea anglers suffer much less risk of foundering, as often occurs if the angler boat into the sea.

Thus, when the monsoon comes to its peak last December, the author had visited the Kelong Bagan Lalang in Sepang, Selangor.

Kelong is situated on the coast is only takes about 20 minutes boat ride 40 horse power. Based on experience Razeli Yusof and some of its website, kelong not be disappointed because if the date, day and time, the appropriate species of mackerel, gutters, rays, groupers and barramundi can be raised in this kelong.

Recognition of the given Aziz Ahmad is a visitor who came with his wife and son-in-law is there to really enjoy fishing gelama, Senangin, trevally, tamban, new leaves, and Sembilang.

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