Livestock Catfish (Ikan Keli) Canvas, you must explore new opportunities.

There are a few things to note before you all raising catfish in canvas:

1. Compatibility catfish habitat - the likes living in the mud.

Suppose also defended the canvas, it is possible, but eventually it will cause the catfish to be smaller and slower growing (slowly growing ... cost is calculated as the need to be fed-RB), a big catfish to be dominant and the smaller the group a small minority in the canvas eventually die!

2. Higher food costs

When you use the canvas, there is no other way to eat but want to have to eat rice. Because if the chicken stomach or other agro waste, causing the pond to decay, disease and causes high costs to copy the canvas water (water is expensive style that - but to dig their own wells - but electric too) every time for meals as above.

Ultimately, you are all still taxable for the bran. fish rice prices are now high enough? we all want can the capacity of the food costs, which ultimately will reduce the profit margin should we receive each month?

3. The cost of an expensive canvas - RM1200-1500 per unit, if in Kota Bahru, if somewhere else, I'm sure more expensive.

1 piece of canvas can accommodate a maximum of 700 most catfish, it seems a bit-how kanvas that could increase the productivity and efficient use of resources? 20 were for commercial scale usually.

20 units x 1500 = RM30, 000 to the canvas after you have spent, it does not include the cost of pipes, water engines, nets, promotion, motor oil, labor and others.

Finally, one who seems to profit? 
  • RB seller
  • catfish fry seller
  • seller canvas
  • sales pipe
  • the water sellers engine
You all like where?

The more days the greater the costs incurred, for the taxable tanggng food costs increased more days. The cost of food is the largest operating cost in the project catfish canvas (other than fixed costs, such as canvas, etc.)

When to sell, there is no demand and no wholesaler to buy? for what?

They want to buy all the goods at bargain prices. suppose you are selling the expensive (but to bear on high operating costs), they certainly will not buy from you.

My proposal; 
  1. This technology is only good for urban entrepreneurs who have no area or land to be swimming alone. supposing that want to do, must do a commercial, just to increase productivity. 
  2.  Pond system to a - see systematic weaknesses behind the pond system? whether it is good or not?.

For me it is better than the system now being introduced catfish canvas. because it is more economical and 'people friendly'; 
  • Build a pool that can accommodate tail catfish 30.000 people just need to dig in wages only / 2day RM1500. rm500 add more to the net and nothing else. compared with the cost of RM1, 200 only for a canvas only accommodate a maximum of 700 pieces reply only? which is more efficient? 
  • Cost of food? cheap and economical, just take FREE perut2 chicken, more fish, etc., and for more nasi2 ikan2 you eat catfish ... everything is free and available in a breeze. can be said you do not need to directly to the cost of food, even if only for the oil out and buy a little cheap-price cukup2 reply. 
  • No cost to UTILITIES - Water, electricity, engine pumps, tanks, etc.. 
  • Faster growing catfish, in accordance with their habitat and more environmentally friendly - recycling of agricultural products.
3. Supposing that the business also want this project, thinks the technology to be sdr2 tin catfish, sardines and catfish so opposed to chicken brand sardines etc. Posted competitive-price selling and enter the halal market. it directly to save costs for eat fish, because after 40 days ... catfish big enough to eat a LOT. 

4. You see the prospect of selling its catfish - costs more affordable and profitable. market prices last year, RM0.20 for a child a catfish that size is only 2cm. like any? interesting is not it? 

5. Need to eat chain exists all catfish farmers in Malaysia ... of
- Create Bran - seeds - pool - wholesalers and
finally - restaurant / hotel-marketing to users. 

Only then can profit a lot and to reduce costs. 

Please help you all, I was just shaped View proposal and not my intention to criticize the any party. 

Your views only to neutralize excited us. For me, you all due care and analysis as possible of all aspects of the project mixed you want to run. so that it competitive and profitable for all parties. 

Do not do just because of the trend solely. because history has proven. Serama chicken has lost color, flower horn fish has sunk at sea, rabbits and many do not know where projects sink etc. have been introduced. 

Make the best for yourself, your family, community and country. Really note ... children waiting for you 'food comes from you. 

All the best! hope that this view can help. 
Make prayer before istiqharah make choices, God willing, God is with you. I always pray for your success I :-)


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