How to buy / choose a good reel and fishing rod?

Fishing tips

Buy within your means. Cheap or expensive is not a problem as long as providing "a service-the 'best for fishing. But an expensive habit that is quite perfect quality. If you choose to think about whether it is suitable rod to your fishing style, whether for sea, river or estuary, lake or the like.

Material - whether fiberglass, graphite or a combination of graphite carbon such as boron or Kevlar. These materials are actually included in your fishing style. If we hold in a long time or do the 'casting', should you choose a light action rod that does not quickly tired hands. Indeed, carbon and graphite rods of lighter and more expensive than fiberglass. A horizontal rod to the reel has a ring of between 5 to 7. Total balanced to give a balanced bending.

When purchasing a rod should be examined carefully ring, although it is also damaged or cracked rings that can damage the rope. Rings tripod (2 back, 1 front), four-legged and single-legged. Single legged rings and a better tripod because it is elastic, it will be able to follow curved rod but four-legged ring can not do so. Popular type of rod holder is the type of cork and the span.

 Cork holder unsightly and certainly less expensive. If you select a rod, 2 parts, make sure that the connection must be solid. A good connector will make the sound "pop" when removed. Such as rod, reel production have also been tremendous, covering a ball (ball bearings) plus up to 11 pieces. In fact, the use of cloth is to launch a movement ball drum. Actually, not very important ball of cloth, but it can provide smooth when applied. Reel also has its own rules as if it was only able to accommodate the strength of 6 kg with a string of 20 pounds, but you use the strength of 30-40 pounds of impact will be left in gear and main shaft. Sometimes the gear off and bent shafts, then it will begin to produce less good sound to be heard. Both of these materials is to care for long-term use. Make sure that the selection of rod, reel and line cord then your equipment will last longer.


Fishing at the river mouth is
challenge the angler.
Quotation of the estuary, the most suitable bait is white shrimp or prawn life. It is a diet of almost all the fish mouth. Long live the mullet is also her favorite grouper, rays, grouper or even diseases. Besides fish bait goggle eyes, and rough fish anchovies selangat also liked all the species mentioned.

Another natural bait that is popular all estuarine fish species is perumpun. However, the feed quickly run out if there is a lot of fish in fishing areas. The best bottom fishing on the edge of the estuary was Reba the many fallen trees, the sand bars and typical for pari Senangin and mouths of streams in which a focal area of prey and predator fish out of water when the tide or low tide.

No matter where rivers and estuaries, fish habitat and hunting his targets are the same. Tip younger if high tide close to the Reba and at low tide looking deep in some areas where fish gather. Pari is concentrated in open areas like the delta and coastal estuaries.

Areas where there is a lot of Reba, fallen trees, streams and estuaries in the bottom of the bay anglers should fish settle.

Tip: Do Not Allow Tekong Sabah Bring Bananas

Fishing Tips Should Follow

OTHER other field grasshopper, that can be said about the current fishing methods that require different tip, tips, and their taboos.

Fishing in most of the field lines in this country has its own taboos in which we must obey or ignore. If correct taboos that we follow in might catch obtained may be worth it and if not otherwise be caught.

For example, the skipper in the waters of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah stressed fruits such as bananas are strictly forbidden to be brought into the boat to go fishing.

They said brought bananas that would prevent fish from eating the feed and thereby reduce the catch.

Unlike in the West, some skipper prohibit wearing shoes in the boat anglers. Said they like to wear shoes that do not respect the marine life also reduce fish catches.

Although the logic of this otherwise taboo, anglers who want to catch a lot of 'forced' to comply to get more results.
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