Tip: Do Not Allow Tekong Sabah Bring Bananas

Fishing Tips Should Follow

OTHER other field grasshopper, that can be said about the current fishing methods that require different tip, tips, and their taboos.

Fishing in most of the field lines in this country has its own taboos in which we must obey or ignore. If correct taboos that we follow in might catch obtained may be worth it and if not otherwise be caught.

For example, the skipper in the waters of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah stressed fruits such as bananas are strictly forbidden to be brought into the boat to go fishing.

They said brought bananas that would prevent fish from eating the feed and thereby reduce the catch.

Unlike in the West, some skipper prohibit wearing shoes in the boat anglers. Said they like to wear shoes that do not respect the marine life also reduce fish catches.

Although the logic of this otherwise taboo, anglers who want to catch a lot of 'forced' to comply to get more results.


  1. Yes, I agreed Tekong Sabah prohibit bring banana on boat, what happened? My fist deepsea fishing experience in 1980, I didn't know the rule, I brought a bunch of banana on boat was looking around to hang my banana and Tekong was telling me, ha have banana then no fish lah. I insisted nevermind lah our trip is a fun and relax trip not particular on fish. The tekong not so happy when he see me eating my banana, what happened later, every one bringing in fishes and I was the one who get the most of the fishes and Tekong start smiling and share my banana too.

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